Monday, 30 December 2013

Multinational Conspiracy As Guiness and Nigerian Breweries Team-Up Against Local Herbal Gin Makers

Allegedly Budgeted Hundreds of Million Naira to Bribe NAFDAC Officials

Competition is defined as the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others , in Economics competition is defined as the rivalry among sellers trying to achieve such goals as increasing profits, market share, and sales volume by varying the elements of the marketing mix: price, product, distribution, and promotions . There are also many ways through which competing manufacturers differentiate their products to attract customers and this includes; price, wrappers, quantity and many more.  

In every viable economy competition plays a major role in cutting down the price and making sure the interest of the consumers are protected at all times, but a situation that sees some others that are well established going through illegal means to out-muscle the new ones portends danger to economic growth of the community and this may be the trend in the country at the moment if the story reaching us is anything to go by.  

According to Bulls Eye on, it was reliably gathered that two of the country’s biggest beer manufacturing companies may have teamed-up to fight what they can describe as common enemy and this we were informed they are doing in the manners that is not befitting the companies’ status. Sources revealed that Guinness Nigeria Plc and Nigerian Breweries Plc are both working seriously to have the local herbal gins which quantity is increasing by the day faced-out of the market.  

Sources revealed that rather than face them out using the acceptable format in every competitive market like; producing similar products and selling for reduced price, etc., the two multinational beer companies have decided to do it the illegal way, which insiders alleged is to bribe officials of National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control (NAFDAC) to deny the manufacturers of these local herbal gin accreditation knowing that Nigerians who had been patronizing them will desist once they are not accredited by the agency.  

Information at the disposal of Bulls Eye on is that the advent of the local herbal gin has seen a sharp decline in the sales of the multinational beer manufacturers a situation that has seen their turnover reduced drastically and it was after conducting researches that they got to know that their closest rivals are now the local herbal gin manufacturers and this is based on the fact that it is cheap, it is believed to have medicinal ability, little quantity of it will sate the alcohol yearnings of the consumers and many other factors like that has made it the choice of the consumers who now abandons normal beer for it.  

Though it is expected that the giant beer factory should have come out with a brand that will enable them compete with the local herbal gin, but pride and fear of letting the people catching the whiff that the local herbal gins are giving them sleepless night was deduced as the reason the employ such unorthodox practice of bribing NAFDAC officials to frustrate the manufacturers of the local brand.   It is a matter of time according to insiders before the crook officials of the regulatory agency that were paid by the multinationals the several millions earmarked for the clamp down to switch into action just to execute the facing-out plan of the multinationals. A plan that we gathered was championed by the Guinness.  

All effort to however get the reaction of the multinationals proved abortive as Edem Vindah, the media manager of Nigerian Breweries could not be reached while the message dropped on the machine of the corporate and communications department of Guinness was left unanswered as at the time of writing this story.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Child Abuse: How Golden Eaglet Stars, Ihenacho and Alampasu's Fathers Are Sending them into Slavery

Success they say has many friends and this time around enemies, it has often time sprung up in African settings where the progress of children are detered by the greed of their parents, many parents has forced their children to study a course that did not really please the children for personal and selfish gains, others had also forced their wards to marry those they are really not compactible just for personal reasons.

The future of two members of the victorious Golden Eaglet may be hanging on the line due to the decision of their parents. For Kelechi Ihenacho, who was voted the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tourament, the decision of his father to send him to Manchester City Football Club may be the begining of the end of his career.

Sources revealed that beacause he is still under 18 years an age bracket where the football law says he can make decision for himself and this invariably place his deision making power on his father. Recently there seems to be crisis on issues that has to do with the future of the football progidy. It was revealed that a football agent approached his father on the basis of taking the youngman to Manchester City with promises of monetary gratification from the oil-rich owners of the club and this triggered some reaction from the poor father who then place his own interest ahead of that of the young boy.

It was reliably gathered that after due consultation with the coaches of the Golden Eaglet the football prodigy was convinced it will do his career good to pitch his footballing tent with Portugese clubside F.C. Porto, as it will help build his career because of the very good youth policy they are having in Portugal, which has seen so many youngsters getting champion's league experience while plying their trade in the country, whereas joining Manchester City will only put him on queue below the pecking order as there are many established stars in the Abu Dhabi owned Star-Studded team.

The decison of the father to enforce his decision on the boy to play for his prefrred club may be seen as child abuse putting into consideration the definition of child abuse which they say could be is the emotional maltreatment or neglect of a child or children which may be caused by actions which may jeopardise the future of the child or children. If the story that the choice of Kelechi was not put into consideration by his father is true then it will be right to say he's at the moment a child suffering from abuse.

In the same vien another member of the victorious Golden Eaglet may be facing the problem of having his earnings squandered on alcohol and all sort of things that are not benefitial to the young boy. Recently a national daily reported how the father of Dele Alampasu, the goalkeeper of the team has been lavishing the little earnings of the young Juventus FC of Italy prospect. In the story it was reported how the father has been spending recklessly on eer pepper soup which he now enjoys on daily basis in company of his friends, while boasting that he no longer pick calls with local numbers as his preference is now on foreign calls which invariably means he's negotiating the future of the young goalkeeper.

With the way he currently spends the little his son earned from the Under-17 World Cup on beers and pepper-soup and the law that place him in charge of the boy's subsequent earnnings, it will be right to say the boy is been sent on a modern slave trade which will see young Dele working to support the his father's new spendrift status which will expose the talented player to untold hardship at the latter stage.

Monday, 16 December 2013

T.B. Joshua: Vilified by the Church, Celebrated by the Poor

Condemnation would be the right word to describe what I stand to receive by this piece, alas, I'll have to view my opinion before I’m condemned. My first knowledge of Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, is that of a man who openly display that he's indeed an agent of the devil and this much was said about him in different Christian gathering though his name are scarcely mentioned in the churches but the man and his church is said to be a taboo for every real Christians.

Then I grow to know the good from the bad, though still having at the back of my mind all I have heard about the Ondo State born prophet which is majorly that he's devilish, and that any anybody seen walking or associated with him is seen as having relationship with the devil. Recently the prophet who is being referred to have the "man in the synagogue" is gradually becoming popular among the people and this raised series of questions on who he really is.

The bible says in Mathew 25: 42-45 “for I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.” Then they also will answer, saying, “Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?” Then he will answer them, saying, “Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me” The illustration above was according to the bible given by Jesus on how he wants his own to behave towards those who are in need.

A survey round the country revealed that most of the men of God are guilty of not taking adequate care of the poor in their surrounding leaving them uncared for rather than meet their need they will rather take from them. It is common knowledge that churches are now being administers as if it is a public liability company with the success based on how much was made and this has encouraged diversification of church resources towards areas like schools and the rest.

While it look more like an offence for churches in Nigeria not to have a school where members of the congregations are talked or ordered to enroll their children for a fee higher than those schools that are founded by their owners for monetary gains, it is surprising that Prophet T.B. Joshua that is generally addressed as the devil by most Nigerian pastors have been coming to the aid of the poor to pay their children's fees after their different churches had talked into making contributions towards the establishment of these schools and later deny their children chance to study in the schools due to high fee they have to pay.

The bible shows clearly how God want the poor to be treated, it also show that there is many benefits for those who deemed it fit to assist the poor. In Proverb 14: 31 the Bible stated that 'He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God', this further reveal the perception of God on the poor and this has over the time showed the disposition of most Nigerian pastors to the words of God as regard to the poor is not too good and this informed the reason most of them will see the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua as devilish as he actively does the will of God as regarding tending to the need of the poor.

There has been the cry in many Christian gathering on the rate at which people throng his Ikotun church in search of miracles, it is known that those seeking for miracles are not only restricted to the Synagogue Church but also nearly all churches in Nigeria, there is a saying that 'If you want to preach to an hungry man, first attend to his hunger before giving him salvation', what has really been working for the highly criticized man of God is his ability to adapt to the teachings of the bible that says the poor should be cared for and this has been attracting those in need to his church while he in turn meet their immediate need using the opportunity to also meet their spiritual need.

Another like that is his decision not to go into the most common business among Nigerian pastors which is the establishment of schools which is being run by the pastors for the purpose of training children of politicians and wealthy Nigerians as the fees are usually too high with no scholarship arrangement for the poor within their congregation, rather than delve into establishment of schools like other churches he formed a football academy to take more children off the street, his venture has yielded positive result as Nigerian International, Ogenyi Onazi who plies his trade for Italian side Lazio is a product of the church.

Though there are many who foretell events, he has over the time proven that he's the best that can be in the country and this has further boosted his image as regards to those in government all over the world, a situation that has led to him being called all sort of names by various churches.

The whole world in at the moment preparing for some other series of festive activities that is Christmas and New Year celebrations, many of the poor are sure of celebrating courtesy of Prophet T.B. Joshua's philanthropic activity, no wonder he's still loved despite all the criticisms he received from most Nigerian Churches. Someone once said his giving is aimed at getting publicity and my simple honest answer is for him to tell that to Charles Olumo, popularly called 'Agbako' in the Yoruba speaking movies, he's the Nigerian movie icon that is dying of hunger before the Prophet came to his aid, another like that is the current assistant coach of the Super Eagles, the Nigerian national team, who is not ashamed to be identified with the man of God.

My little understanding of the bible made it clear that human are not to judge as those who judges will also be judged, which makes me wonder if those criticizing this man of God for being friend of the poor are using the same bible? I can't really place the reason the man has been enjoying so much condemnation from those they are supposed to be in the same body of Christ together just because some sees it as a business where they collect without considering the poor. No wonder the man in the Synagogue, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is a man so vilified by the Church but so much loved by the Poor.

Friday, 13 December 2013

FRA Williams' Son Warn Arisekola-Alao Off Father's Property

...Says, Trespass Again and be Dealt With
There seems to be a war brewering in the ancient city of Ibadan as the families of two of the most influential families in the town are set for collision over issues that has to do with one encroaching on another's land just because the head of the other family is no more. It was reliably gathered that the Aare Musulumi, Alhaji Arisekola Alao whose love for land acquisition has turned to a ugly habit that has pitched the billionaire against so many of his neighbours who he had at one time or the other cunnily acquire their land which is now part of his expansive compound which runs from Bashorun area of Ibadan to Akobo axis of the ancient city of Ibadan.

This time around the Aare musulumi may have bitten more than he can actually chew on his land grabbing antics when he trespassed on the property of Family of the Late legal luminary Chief FRA Williams, in a statement issued by two of the sons of the repected legal icon, FRA Williams (Jr.) and T.E. Williams (SAN), Alahaji Abdul-Azeez Arisekola-Alao was warned to desist from any illegal activities on the land. According to the statement the said property which is at 3, Rotimi Williams Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State was maliciously damaged, vandalized and demolished by Arisekola-Alao who is a neighbour of the late lawyer's family house in Bodija despite several warnnings that he should stay away.

However, the current seems to have gone farther than that as by the legal icon's sons who are also lawyers has vowed to deal with anybody that made the mistake of trespassing on the property again. It was reliably gathered that the Aare musulumi of Yoruba land may have fall prey to fraudters who as usual fed on his greed to own or possess any property around his own at all cost, it was also alleged that the whole issue has to do with the current crisis over their father's property among the four sons of Chief FRA Williams that pitched two earlier mentioned on the other two, who source claimed may have collected money from the billionaire to possess the property.
It will be right to say the two familes are two of the most influential in the ancient city as the two are known all over the country as leaders in their individual chosen careers, which means, should they head for confrontation it will have a lasting effect on those close to the two as it is the grass that suffers whenever two elephants fights.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hon. Lola Akande Employs Desperate Measures Towards 2015 Elections

Arrange Makeshift Constituency Office To Fool The Eletorates
Nigerian nobel Laurate Professor Wole Soyinka once said "A crazy problem needs a crazy solution", this much can be said about the way the Deputy Leader of Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Lola Fibisola Akande who is representing Ikeja II Constituency is going about her struggle to return.

The honorable who is currently serving her second term has been invincible in her constituency, a thing she has been doing with no challenge but recently when the news that other candidates are intersted in her poisition she decided to identify with the people and it is her move that was responsible for her decision to have a constituency office where sources said she planned to use during the next campaign.
Her position became even more endangered by the decision of the National leader of the party in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's decision to only allow those favoured by the people to contest a thing he further based on aspirants' move at empowering the people even before the election, whereas the Hon. has fallen out of contention as far as the people is concern a situation that has put her in serious dilemma which informed the reason she has been finding it difficult to open the office for work.

Hon. Akande according to sources could really not make up her mind whether to open the place for business or not and it was due to this confusion that she decided to remove the sign-board that announce the place as her constituency office, recently after weeks that the place has been under lock activities was discovered in the place, this we gathered may be because the woman is actually working to make the place more visible in preparation for the eletioneering campaign of next election and this close sources revealed is because she's not certain of retaining the post.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Midnight Crew Mike Abdul Drop Solo Album 'Good 2 Go'

There has been so many stories about the break-up of the award winning gospel group the Midnight Crew and this has been attributed to the fact that some members of the group have moved further to start working on their own singles, one among those mentioned in the break-up story is Mike Abdul. Though still a member of the group he's one of the two members of the group given the go ahead by the crew to work on personal album owning to the fact that he's fully into music unlike other two who had other jobs. This is the reason jolly good Mike is 'Good 2 Go'. Come 1st December Mike Abdul will be dropping his first solo album which he titled "Good 2 Go", the album according to the talented musician is because it is the will of God who made all things good. in his words "And God looked at all He made and He said; 'It Is Good'" The Creator made sure all He made was good before He could let them go. He saw to it that Mike Abdul was good enough to be on earth, good enough to fulfill the dominion mandate and He said to Mike Abdul; "you are good, you can go". The album which enjoy input from people like; MoniQue, A'dam, BNG, David Jones David, Pv Idemudia, Temi Susan Myles and FLO is a twelve tracks work of inspiration and here are the tracks that made the album "Good 2 Go" Oba Wa, Morire, Ready To Praiz, Iye Re, Pray For Me, I Believe, Serve You Forever, Reign Forever, No Other Name, In The Name Of Jesus, Twenty-One Jesu And Next Fuji Thing (courtesy of Midnight Crew).
Asked about the rumor of Midnight Crew break-up, he simply put it that he still roll with the best team which is Midnight Crew, while findings show the group is still together thereby putting paid to the rumor of their break-up. Mike Abdul’s Good 2 Go will be marketed by Iyke The Don Entertainment Limited, while it is dedicated to Jesus.

APC, N/PDP Merger: Kwakwanso and Fashola Favours For President and Vice-President

The recently announced merger of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the new faction of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), we gathered has led to series of meeting since the marriage was contracted as source revealed that the newly formed opposition party may have concluded plans over who will be flying the flag of the party against the ruling PDP. It was gathered from close source that the leadership of the APC, may have concluded plans to use the current Governors of the country's two most populous States in the next elections. Unconfirmed source revealed that the party may have agreed that the Executive Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso may be contesting as the president come next general elections while his counterpart from Lagos, Barrister Babatunde Raji Fashola, will be running as the Vice-President. Though information at our source is still sketchy it is the believe that the APC may be using the two as joker owning to the population of registered voters in the two States, hoping that the combination will give the party a chance to closely challenge the ruling party for a chance to occupy the country's Aso Villa seat of power come 2015.
The current information is coming on the heels of the earlier one that tipped the current Speaker of the Federal House of Representative, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal whose name has been moving round as the designated candidate for the 2015 presidential election.

MAGiKAL Entertainment Act, BRAIN Drops Raincoat

Set To Headline ACADA Magazine HIV/AIDS Campus Awareness Campaign
After dropping his much anticipated debut video "Watcha Looking At?" shot by Africa's most-wanted music video director, MATTMAX , Magikal Entertainment hip-hop act BRAIN is set to drop his third single “Raindrop” on Sunday 1st December, 2013 which happens to be the World AIDS Day. The conscious song featuring velvety voice Oyinkansola and produced by the fast rising producer, Mr. Vyne is produced as an HIV/AIDS awareness song for young Nigerian, most especially the campus students. The concept for the 1 Life 2 Live - Campus HIV/AIDS Campaign is a brainchild of ACADA Magazine, Nigeria’s leading campus and youth magazine and BRAIN will be featuring in various campaign materials that will be developed to sanitize the campus community about the deadly disease. Also to lend her support for the Campus HIV/AIDS Awareness Project, top celebrity Toni Payne will also be contributing a Spoken Word to the musical project. The spoken words that deals with the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS will also feature on the promotional CD and will also be available online. BRAIN who couldn’t hide his happiness stated that, “it’s been a long time coming, and I’m grateful to God that I’m having the opportunity to show the world what I’ve got in me.” Speaking further on the new single, “Raincoat”, “this is one of my best songs so far because it is a song that deals with what many young Nigerians don’t take serious, especially the campus students. HIV/AIDS is real and I want to use my music to sanitize young Nigerians about scourge and deadliness of the disease. I was first skeptical when my label told me to do a song that will address the issue, but to God be the glory, I and Oyinkansola did a great job with the song and I will implore every young person to have the song as their caller tunes and download it on their mobile phones when it is released. It will greatly help to put them on check and for them to practice safe sex if they must do it”, he concluded.
The song will be available for sale on Spinlet from 1st of December, 2013 and also as callertunes. Part of the proceeds from its sales will be channeled into the production of publicity materials that will be distributed across campuses in Nigeria. BRAIN stormed the Nigerian music scene with his widely accepted debut single, “So Crazy”. RAINCOAT AUDIO LINK: You can follow BRAIN @iambrainboi Like his Facebook Page: Subscribe to his Youtube Account: OfficialBrain

Reason Nigeria Senate Were Against Designation of National Carrier to Nigeria Eagle

+How old planes were refurbished for the airline
Lack of maintanace has over the years proved to be the bane of infrastructural decadence in the country, this has been responsible for the many set-backs that has been facing the country and it was responsible for the collapse of the now disbanded national carrier the Nigeria Airways. Since the collapse of the national carrier, there has been many phase in the controversy of the country's flagship airline. At a time it was Richard Brandson led Virgin Nigeria that was designated the national carrier after which it was granted to Jimoh Ibrahim owned Air Nigeria that was also forced to shutdown sometimes last year after series of terrible management by the owner. The shutdown of Air Nigeria since last year has also left the country without a National Carrier until recently when the Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah, announced that a new carrier will be named for the country and this has also been generating a lot controversies over the choice of company the minister will designate as the new National Carrier.
It therefore come as a surprise when towards the period the minister set for the announcement of the new flagship airline that Aero Contractor, one of the major airline company in the country embark on a rebranding exercise which sees the name being changed to Nigeria Eagle, aand it was during this period that the news that it has been named the new national carrier emanated. Though the story was denied but sources close to the ministry revealed that the whole exercise was suspended when the Senate raised questions about the age of the aircrafts that are refurbished to serve as the country national carrier, the youngest of which sources placed at 20 years. Coming at a time when condition of aircrafts that are plying the country's air-space is under scrutiny, it was revealed that the aircraft are about twenty years old and this did not go down well with the legislators who sources alleged were spending more from Lagos to Abuja flights and Abuja to Lagos during the period of the many several crashes that has happened in the country. The lawmakers were alleged to had decided to fly to the Federal Capital Teerritory via London from Lagos and doing same also for their return trips during that period.
Though the announcement we gathered has been put on hold because of the decision of the National Assembly pending the time they will be able to convince the people and the Senate on the condition of the aircrafts. it was also gathered that the ministry at the moment cannot afford confrontation with the National Assembly based on the fact that the minister is currently having issues based on the recent activity on the minstry before the National Assembly.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

How APC Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Wasted N300Milion on Hotel in 2 Months

Nigeria is generally referred to as a rich country of poorest people, surveys shows that an average Nigerian is living below $1 per day despite the fact tehat the country rakes in billions of dollars on daily basis. Research shows that the wealth of the country is in the hands of few that are less than 5 per cent of the population, while the above 95 per cent are either working for the rich few or eating crumbs from their table, among the less than 5 per cent that are controlling the wealth of the country is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the former Governor of Lagos State who is also one of the national leader of the newly formed All Progressive Congress (APC). Recently when the news that he traveled out of the country on medical basis filtered in little did the people know that the man popularly called Asiwaju by his political associate, is in Chicago in United States of America where he's busy enjoying the wealth he has amassed while in government and after. It was reliably gathered that the former Governor who owns a house in Chicago instead of staying in his house decided to lodge in the upscale hotel of billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump. The Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, investigation revealed goes for as much as $500 per night sleeping only, note the amount is said to be excluding food, drinks and other services. Information has it that the man popularly called Asiwaju, who stayed in the hotel for more than one month expended a whooping $2 million to the admiration of the hotel billionaire owner who asked the Nigerian politician to come again some other time. This is happening at a time where poverty in the country is fast spreading a situation that has seen so many family scattered when they cannot afford to pay N100,000 house rent, whereas those that present themselves as their leaders can afford to waste such an amount on hotel.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

First Bank of Nigeria For Thieves

...Become Bank for fraudulent government officials + How who to succeed Onasanya polarize the bank
With various signs and information that the Economy and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as well as its Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) counterparts and other agencies like that in Nigeria has mandated all banks in the country to place in their banks to warn the people against corrupt practices in the banking industry, it is however very sad that some banks still manage to get themselves involved in such an undisciplined act. Though First Bank has been known to be one of the oldest banks, and probably the most reliable in Nigeria, recently they have been involved in various forms of scandal, especially by helping corrupt public officials to steal from the public, forgetting about the good name that the bank is reputed for and thereby ruining the good name and bringing disrepute to the banking industry by their role in helping others to plunder the wealth of the country. If it would be recollected the bank was at the fore front when the Senate Joint Committee on Establishment and Public Service and States and Local Governments, was informed how some officials of the Pension Office falsified documents to withdraw N24 billion instead of N3.5billion required and approved from the Budget Office for the payment of pensions, where N21 billion of the stolen money was lodged in a First Bank account. Recently the bank played another major role in another money laundering activity of another public officer as it was First Bank that again finance the buying of bullet proof cars purportedly acquired by the Aviation Minister for a whooping sum of N255 million that is currently generating heat in the country. First Bank name had surfaced during the hearing of the Federal House of Representative into the car acquisition, the bank it was gathered has over the time become a regular name when it comes to issues that has to do with public officers mis-handling public funds as it was also mentioned in a court case in a Bayelsa State High Court sitting in Yenagoa, where the court , granted an interim order stopping further deduction of N300million monthly from Bayelsa State Account based on the Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) signed between the administration of former Governor Timipre Sylva and the SNECOU Group of Companies Limited over undisclosed services rendered since 2007 a findings that shows fraudulent activities. In another development, it was gathered that the bank is embroiled in internal crisis which was due to the fact that the bank's current Managing Director Mr. Bisi Onasanya's tenure will soon come to end a situation which was allegedly responsible for the decision of former Lagos State Commissioner For Finance Mr. Tokunbo Abiru to resign his position in the cabinet to Governor Fashola to take up the position of Executive Director and a Board Member of the Bank. This development we gathered did not go down well with other Executive Directors of the bank had been working while Abiru was playing politics, sources however revealed that the former commissioner was favoured by the board of the bank whose were responsible for his decision to return to the fold of the bank after his time in the cabinet of Lagos State where he served as the Commissioner of Finance.

How DHL Staffs Has been working With Customs To Defraud Nigerians

It is common knowledge that the bane of economic decadence in Nigeria is corruption and despite the things put in place by the government to fight this monster it is however becoming more pronounced every day. It has even finds its way into some organization that are otherwise known to be holding their value and example which is the leading courier service company the DHL.  

It was recently gathered that the international courier company has turned to haven where fraud is being perpetrated against its customers. It was reliably gathered that the DHL staffs now go out of their way by charge their customers what they ordinarily call duty. The duty according to the source is an amount you must pay before your package is released to you.

Investigation revealed that the DHL staffs are fond of giving outrageous bills to customers that approach them for information about goods sent through their company, an example is one Samuel who imported some goods which was manufactured for an amount less than N60,000 only to be given a payable duty of almost N110,000 and this is after he had paid for freighting the goods to Nigeria from china where the goods were manufactured. Whereas the duty according to officials of the courier company who issued it is to be paid to the customs and in the process directs the customer to the officials of the Nigerian Customs Service that are also in the premises of the company.  

The trick now is that the customs in the place who knew the charges are out of it and is unthinkable will then asked whoever is directed to them to pay halve the money but that it must be brought in cash against the fact that such duties are supposed to be paid into the bank after which the goods will then be released based only on phone call of the customs official, while the DHL staff that brought the business will later be paid.  

We can authoritatively say that this practice has been going on for more than two years now and this we gathered has ensure that many prospective Nigerian young business had been killed just because of this act of fraud, according to Mr. Olatunji who was forced to run his business at a loss sometimes last year when he received an order to supply some materials under a time frame and after he had make his findings on shipment and the rest he realized that he will still have little profit on the supply if he decided to use the DHL for moving it based on the price given to him on the goods, and it was completely a different story when after he had paid to have the goods brought to Nigeria and these corrupt organization to ask him to pay a duty that was calculated by adding the cost price of the goods to the cost of freighting it plus the insurance. The result is that the young business was killed because the owner had to borrow money to make the supply.  

However, the courier company claimed duty is only to be paid on goods that the bill of laden indicated are purchased for more than $500, while it was revealed that such duty has been paid on goods that the bill of laden show it was purchased for an amount that is lesser than $500 as they add other costs as stated above onto it for it to really accumulate, while many had abandoned their goods their when asked to pay more than the amount the goods were purchased and moved into the country, others had paid cash to these unscrupulous officials without receipt to have their goods released.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Church Universities: For God or Money

... How Schools Built with Church Fund is being used to Educate Politicians' Children to the Detriment of the members
According to Karl Marx a German philosopher "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people", and this has proven to be the truth over the years as early missionaries will come from their own countries sacrificing all because of the people, then nearly everything they give are free, they provide free cloths, food and even education, but this is not so among the current league of Nigerian missionaries as they usually forces their ever willing congregation to pay excessively for what ordinarily the early missionaries would have given free.

Investigation revealed that Nigerian pastors are not really concern about how their congregation get the money the important thing is for them to make sure their children attends the church own schools, this we gathered has been responsible for the involvement of many members of the church in activities that are not befitting God. A member of one of the new generation church revealed, that he became desperate to sending his children to their church owned University because of the way the pastors who many of his congregation now regards as an emissary of God talks about the school. This kind of pep talks according to investigation has over the time forced many of their members into corruption and all sort of deals like that all because they want to measure up to the words of the pastor.

Whereas the early missionaries sees quality education as the right of their congregation and so they build schools with their personal money while encouraging their congregation to make use of the opportunities and it was all for these reasons that earliest Nigerians were able to get any form of education, as most of them were then trained from a school either established by the Catholic or Anglican Churches, so when the catholic church decided in 1999 to establish the country first private university, many were of the hope that quality education will be offered to the people at affordable price but it was disappointing when it became obvious that the school was not established like the early schools of the church to give knowledge to the people but that it was rather setup to meet the need of those who can afford to send their children to schools abroad.

It was revealed that the cheapest course in Madonna University an institution owned by the catholic church that has in its congregation petty traders and other less privilege in the country, is nothing less than ₦350,000 per session, whereas it is hoped that the woman that sells crayfish, melon, stock-fish and other little soup ingredient and still gives towards the funding of the school should be able to enjoy the benefit that comes with her commitment to the church by having her children well trained in the school owned by her church but instead of her children enjoying the quality education it is being given to children of those who are able to pay the exorbitant fees the school charges. Mr. Chibuzor a member of the church is of the believe that the church-owned university promises many things it will not do to the members of the church who are not having huge amount to cough out yet promises to revive in her community the age-long tradition of Catholic Education and the exacting demand of the contemporary society for sound education enrooted in salubrious life-promoting morality.

Here is a quick rundown of other schools owned by churches in Nigeria and how their fees will be contributing more to corruption in the country rather than reducing it because the founders now sees the schools as another means of generating funds and promoting self-induced progammes.

Apart from Madonna which was owned by the Catholic Church, it was revealed that the church concluded later after they realised how much money was made by starting a school in the church and to be able to compete favourably with other new church owned schools who will stop at nothing to push the out of the school business, the church decided to form Caritas University in Amorji-Nike, Enugu. And just like in the Madonna University, it was established to revive in the community the age-long tradition of Catholic Education and the exacting demand of the contemporary society for sound education enrooted in salubrious life-promoting morality, only that this time around, the institution that was officially opened on January 21, 2005 has the vision to rescue some of the church’s wandering and teaming youths from further slide into academic and moral decay, and development and transformation of our society through sound and unadultrated education, while its mission is to discover, sanctify and apply the knowledge of science, environmental and engineering for human well-being and sound development of man for better society and not forgetting that this will come at a price pegged at nothing less than ₦500,000 per session.

As if the way the first two has been raised farther from the reach of ordinary Nigerian who did not want to go into corrupt practices or robbery is not enough the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria decided to establish another University, Veritas University, Abuja (VUNA), which they hope will be easily accessible to the people as the fees is pegged to about 350,000, the idea which they claimed came from the Bishops’ quest for a University that would provide high quality tertiary education according to the noble tradition of the Catholic Church. The formation they hope is an appropriate response to Pope John Paul II’s call for Catholic Universities to be instruments for the educational advancement of the people of God expressed in his Encyclical Letter, Ex Corde Ecclesiae No. 30.
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It is not surprising when The Supra diocesan board of the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) decided just like their Catholic counterpart to establish their own tertiary institution as the two were known founders on missionary schools during the period of the early missionaries, so when the Church of Nigeria decided to start its own University it was hoped it will correct the mistake of the Catholic but to the surprise of all, the church followed  the footsteps of the other early missionary schools, showing all that the establishment of the University is not to propagate the gospel by giving quality education to those who cannot afford to send their children abroad but to milk those who are here in Nigeria of their hard earn money in the name of giving quality education to their children and wards. The least of the fees at the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) owned Ajayi Crowther University is nothing less than ₦400,000 per session.

It also did not sit well with parents that are of Baptist Church as Bowen University a private institution owned by the Nigerian Baptist Convention and named after Reverend Thomas Jefferson Bowen who pioneered Baptist work in Nigeria in 1850. The University which commenced academic activities in 2002, just like other supposed missionary schools, the institution’s aim was said to be a center of learning and research of distinction; combining academic excellence with love of humanity, borne out of a God-fearing attitude. The school which lowest tuition is more than ₦600,000 claimed that the guiding philosophy is Excellence and Godliness, a situation which raise question on the fact that members of the church who were able to send their children to the University are paying through their nose. An aggrieved member who spoke with us questioned the rationale behind the fees, while reiterating that there is nothing Godly about the exorbitant fees the school is collect in anger at the school motto which is “Excellence and Godliness”.

According to the Chancellor of Covenant University who is also the Presiding Bishop of the parent church the Living Faith Tabernacle also known as Winners Chapel Bishop Dr. David O. Oyedepo “We are committed to raising a new generation of leaders who will positively impact their nation, the African continent and the world at large.” It is the aim of the church to create a leading World-class Christian Mission University committed to raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of Human endeavour. But just like the Nigerian pastors who are only emulating the early missionaries only in words but not action Covenant University who was described as a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Pastor some years ago has become an avenue of generating money for the church. The cheapest course in the institution goes for nothing less 700,000 which means those who devoted their energy to working during the construction of university and those whose offering in the church had play part in the actualisation of the dream, though the presiding bishop is always quick to say that the funds that were used during construction of the church were not offering from the church but it is obvious that the school is just an arm of the church and it is therefore impossible to take offerings from the church away from the existence of the school, whereas the school is majorly attended by children of politicians and some others like that in the society.


Just like Covenant University also owned by the Living Faith Tabernacle also known as Winners Chapel Landmark University is also said to be a product of the education mandate given to Dr. David Oyedepo, the President of the Living Faith Church, worldwide. The focus of the church school they claim is to assist the nation and indeed the continent of Africa in self-discovery so that she may recover her leading position in education and in civilization, as it was in the 15th century. Stating further that the goal is also to set the pace in making the Nigerian nation fully, competitively and profitably engage her comparative advantage in human and agricultural resource potentials and development and it was because of this that the school was purportedly sited in Omu-Aran, the home town of the man his congregation love to call Papa, knowing that the business is now lucrative the church we gathered invested heavily in the place, placing the Bishop’s randy younger brother Pastor Gideon in charge of the construction and the fees just like its sister institution is in the region of 600,000, which made it the church second tertiary institution that was place above ordinary member of the church. In its effort to make the place even more lucrative there is an important admission message the church included which states that “Intending students of Landmark University must fear God, love Him and be unreservedly committed to obeying Him. Students are expected to show in all their conduct the core values of the university. These are, Spirituality, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice. Applicants are advised to consider these important requirements of admission before applying and recognize that the screening test will, among others, focus on these requirements.” While it is the children of those corrupt Nigerian politicians that are been given admission into the school all because of money.

It is without doubt that the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is capable of running a tertiary institution in the early missionary style where the students will not be paying any amount, but like other Nigerian churches the church could not wait to turn the education sector into a very lucrative business venture and it is indeed yielding the desired profit. The church established Redeemer's University which is said to be in line with the objective of the RCCG General Overseer Pastor E. A. Adeboye aimed at not only to increase the number of Nigerian youths seeking higher education, but also to arrest the decay in the educational system, through appropriate training. It was further stated that the vision is to seek for the return to the glorious days of mission schools, where students acquire high quality education with the fear of God and become useful citizens and with a careful omission of the fact that the mission schools are free, while the cheapest fees is about 500,000, though the church issue some discounts to some students and these category are as sated below.
Even with the discount the fees each of the students are still going is still on the high side knowing fully well that full time pastors of the church are sparsely paid and this may be attributed to all sort of atrocity being committed by pastors of the church in the recent past.

The rate at which Nigerian churches now ventures into the church business is completely something else as it has now become the ambition of every church in Nigeria to establish schools and the fees are skyrocket high
For example years after the death of Pentecostal preacher Archbishop Benson Idahosa, a University was formed in his name, Benson Idahosa University, it was said that the University was formed in accordance with the wish of the man who they claimed first applied to establish a tertiary institution in 1992, after which it began operation as the Institute of Continuous Learning (ICL), they stated further that the institute which was later named Christian Faith University became Benson Idahosa University in 1998 before it later began operations in 2002, and just like other church schools it promises to give the students what others will not give them, with a slogan that says "RAISING LEADERS WHO... ARE COMPLETE IN SPIRIT, MIND AND BODY", the school will offer all these for an amount that will not also be in the range of an ordinary public servant that based his expenses only on the salary he or she is earning. The least expensive of the fees is in the range of 350,000.

Christ Apostolic Church owned Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), is another church that was built with special offering from the church members who are predominantly Yorubas, with members spanning from market women to captains of industries, the offering it was gathered was specially called every Sunday service where members will be employed to donate towards the actualization of the dream of the church owing its own university, unlike other churches they cannot attach the vision of a university to the founder of the church whose name they call the institution, because the man did not really has any serious form of western education before his death more than 40 years ago, but the church through the support of artisans and everybody that are members of the church completed its own school and in the process of fixing fees, it was done in such a way that most members who contributed generously for the setting up of the school could not afford to send their children to the school, the school fees was pegged at between 480,000 to 550,000 per session.
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Formerly known as Evangelical Church of West Africa now called Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), in other to fall into the rank of churches with university also embark on the journey and in no time they were accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) and the bring about the ECWA Bingham University. It was revealed that the church which has its base majorly in the northern part of the country named the church owned university after one of the pioneer Sudan Interior Missionaries, Roland Victor Bingham, it would have been expected that the little known university would have been made affordable because it was named after a missionary but it was gathered that the lowest fees rages between 500,000 and 830,000.

It is not surprising when Archbishop Sam Amaga owned Salem International Christian Center decided to come to the party of churches with tertiary institution. The vision for Salem University was said to have come on the 6th of August 2002 while the Archbishop was before the Lord in his Prayer Chambers that the Lord delivered to him the vision of the University. According to the church the vision was further enhanced in 2004 while in a Council Meeting, before the church owned university eventually became operational in 2007, the institution which recently sends some of the teachers to Covenant University is said to be another of such schools that are not meant for ordinary Nigerian even when they money for its establishment is as a result of the people’s labour.

Apostolic Faith Mission is a religious institution that is believed not to be too keen about what other religious institution are doing, it is believed that they are from a different sphere entirely but findings revealed that against the believe that they are saints, the church is after all led by men, as the church did not only join the league of churches that owns their own church, but are also part of those who charges exorbitant fees. Findings revealed that the average fee in their Crawford University is not less than 400,000 per session. The institution which claimed is committed to academic excellence and the highest levels of discipline and morals.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church owned Babcock University was at a time the most popular in the country and it is still one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria, founded in 1959 as the Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA), Babcock has since grown to be strong as he’s one of the earliest private university in the country having started operations since 1999. The school which believes it has traditions that include the centrality of faith-based teaching - emphasizing the integration of faith and learning, knowing that to educate a man without God is to educate an intelligent devil, is without doubt the most expensive as their fees ranges from 400,000 to 1 million depending on the course and the choice of residence in the school, it is therefore a common knowledge that with the fee it is likely the school may be a place where intelligent devils are being bred.

They are among the newest in the church school business they had not really begin their full operations but the hype about them means they are in the league of schools that really worth mention, the Dr. D.K. Olukoya led Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry owned Mountain Top University, which was situated around Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the university is planned to be “a dynamic center of academic excellence in the liberal tradition for the production of top-rate, morally sound graduates of distinction. The newly completed university of Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo’s Kingsway International Christian Center, the KICC University which is situated at Ode-Omu area of Osun State, though the institution is yet to formally commence lecture but it was gathered that the fees for the school of this London based pastor cannot be lesser than that of his peers. The university which was cited on 500 acres of land instead of the 250 acres mandated by the NUC, is said to be necessary because of the level of poverty in the continent of Africa. It is a situation where one will be wondering if the Deeper Christian Life Ministry will also not be joining the train owning to the fact that the church also decided sometimes ago to join the league of churches with property at the Lagos-Ibadan expressway like some of their colleague in the ministry are now doing, it was later when people started seeing transformation at the church owned International Bible Training College at Ayobo area of Lagos State that one started seeing the vision of Anchor University. It was gathered that save for the ill-fated Dana Air the church own university would have begun operations, sources revealed that the NUC officials that died in the accident were actually travelling to inspect the school before the incident, but one thing that is sure is that like the rest of the Nigerian new age mission schools it is designed only for the rich or the corrupt.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Fraud Tale Trails Nigerian Breweries Maltina Dance All

There is a saying that no one will accuse you of things they know you hardly touch as everybody will come out to your defense. The act of some multinational companies in Nigeria has left them with a mark that will be going with them everywhere they go and some of them are not even that interested changing their spots as they keep walking in shadows to further cast doubt on their integrity.

Just as the current edition of Nigerian Breweries sponsored Maltina Dance All season 6 is about to start, there has been series of allegation that the organizer of the television game show may have been playing a fasts one on the audience and Nigerians as a country through the selection of the participants.

Sources disclosed to Global News that each family that is supposed come with five dancers may actually be more that what the rule of the game actually stated, as it was alleged that rather than present five members of dance loving family the organisers are actually mixing members of these families with two professional dancers, just to spice up competition and make it more competitive.

It was said that at inception the families though dances well are not doing extra-ordinary things like back-flip, spinning and even acrobatics, a professional dancer even allege that a member of the family that was in the last edition is a professional dancer they have had a gig or two together somewhere. Edem Vindah Media & Public Affairs Manager of the company while responding to questions on the allegation refuted the story, stating clearly that the guideline is there to be followed and that the company will not condone anything of such and that the story is not true.

Stories of stage managing events of such has for sometimes now been trailing the brewery, some months back it was the story of the way the company other brand Gulder, sponsored Ultimate Search is been run, the story was that the whole screening of participants at the Ultimate Search is just formalities as the contestants are mostly models. It was also reported that the company sponsored Star Quest has also for sometimes now being run the same way the Ultimate Search is been run as the best are usually not the winner in a programme whereby the winner is going to be based on the vote of the viewers.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Apostolic Lies of Rev Yinka Yusuf of Household Love

By their fruits the bible said we shall know them, this seems to be taking the fore front when the presiding pastor of the Household of Love Church Obadore, Ajah, Lagos, Reverend Yinka Yusuf, to the social network like twitter and Facebook to smear the image of another brethren in the vineyard, in the person of Prophet Dr. Chris Okafor of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry.

It all started when Bishop Isaac Idahosa of God First Ministry, who is also the Senior pastor of the Illumination Assembly, a church close to that of Yusuf invited Prophet Okafor to minister in his church and this it was gathered led to exodus of members of Reverend Yusuf’s church to attend the miracle filled service of Okafor, this it was that annoyed the reverend who later decided to use the social network to air his grievances as he was said to have started questioning the power of Dr. Okafor who he accused of using power that is not of God.

Information revealed that Pastor Yinka’s about 25year ministry only has a handful of worshippers, and any programme at Bishop Idahosa or other churches around always have a telling effect on his church and this may be the genesis of that later spiraled into his attack of Prophet Okafor. Sources close to the pastor also accused Pastor Yinka of delving into sin as it was revealed that his downfall started on the 23rd April 1998 in Kaduna, when the pastor’s secretary was waiting for him in the office only for her to see a big python snake coming out from the toilet to office, after which she took to her heel and according to the story the snake allegedly change to become Pastor Yusuf.

A call put across to Bishop Isaac Idahosa on the development, the bishop said the man has been like that envying who God has blessed and that he has never had anything with him before and the same thing was said about the man from the General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry Prophet Okafor who said he has never met Yinka Yusuf in his life until some people call him to the notice of the circulated news.

Apart from his accusation he has also being known for his many lies as sources reveals that this self-acclaimed man of lied on the crusade ground that he turned his father's mosque to a church, and that he also lied that he bought a plane, he was also accused of lying in America that he raised 16 dead people back to life.


By their fruits the bible said we shall know them, this seems to be taking the fore front when the presiding pastor of the Household of Love Church Obadore, Ajah, Lagos, Reverend Yinka Yusuf, to the social network like twitter and Facebook to smear the image of another brethren in the vineyard, in the person of Prophet Dr. Chris Okafor of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry.

It all started when Bishop Isaac Idahosa of God First Ministry, who is also the Senior pastor of the Illumination Assembly, a church close to that of Yusuf invited Prophet Okafor to minister in his church and this it was gathered led to exodus of members of Reverend Yusuf’s church to attend the miracle filled service of Okafor, this it was that annoyed the reverend who later decided to use the social network to air his grievances as he was said to have started questioning the power of Dr. Okafor who he accused of using power that is not of God.

Information revealed that Pastor Yinka’s about 25year ministry only has a handful of worshippers, and any programme at Bishop Idahosa or other churches around always have a telling effect on his church and this may be the genesis of that later spiraled into his attack of Prophet Okafor. Sources close to the pastor also accused Pastor Yinka of delving into sin as it was revealed that his downfall started on the 23rd April 1998 in Kaduna, when the pastor’s secretary was waiting for him in the office only for her to see a big python snake coming out from the toilet to office, after which she took to her heel and according to the story the snake allegedly change to become Pastor Yusuf.

A call put across to Bishop Isaac Idahosa on the development, the bishop said the man has been like that envying who God has blessed and that he has never had anything with him before and the same thing was said about the man from the General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry Prophet Okafor who said he has never met Yinka Yusuf in his life until some people call him to the notice of the circulated news.

Apart from his accusation he has also being known for his many lies as sources reveals that this self-acclaimed man of lied on the crusade ground that he turned his father's mosque to a church, and that he also lied that he bought a plane, he was also accused of lying in America that he raised 16 dead people back to life.