Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Child Abuse: How Golden Eaglet Stars, Ihenacho and Alampasu's Fathers Are Sending them into Slavery

Success they say has many friends and this time around enemies, it has often time sprung up in African settings where the progress of children are detered by the greed of their parents, many parents has forced their children to study a course that did not really please the children for personal and selfish gains, others had also forced their wards to marry those they are really not compactible just for personal reasons.

The future of two members of the victorious Golden Eaglet may be hanging on the line due to the decision of their parents. For Kelechi Ihenacho, who was voted the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tourament, the decision of his father to send him to Manchester City Football Club may be the begining of the end of his career.

Sources revealed that beacause he is still under 18 years an age bracket where the football law says he can make decision for himself and this invariably place his deision making power on his father. Recently there seems to be crisis on issues that has to do with the future of the football progidy. It was revealed that a football agent approached his father on the basis of taking the youngman to Manchester City with promises of monetary gratification from the oil-rich owners of the club and this triggered some reaction from the poor father who then place his own interest ahead of that of the young boy.

It was reliably gathered that after due consultation with the coaches of the Golden Eaglet the football prodigy was convinced it will do his career good to pitch his footballing tent with Portugese clubside F.C. Porto, as it will help build his career because of the very good youth policy they are having in Portugal, which has seen so many youngsters getting champion's league experience while plying their trade in the country, whereas joining Manchester City will only put him on queue below the pecking order as there are many established stars in the Abu Dhabi owned Star-Studded team.

The decison of the father to enforce his decision on the boy to play for his prefrred club may be seen as child abuse putting into consideration the definition of child abuse which they say could be is the emotional maltreatment or neglect of a child or children which may be caused by actions which may jeopardise the future of the child or children. If the story that the choice of Kelechi was not put into consideration by his father is true then it will be right to say he's at the moment a child suffering from abuse.

In the same vien another member of the victorious Golden Eaglet may be facing the problem of having his earnings squandered on alcohol and all sort of things that are not benefitial to the young boy. Recently a national daily reported how the father of Dele Alampasu, the goalkeeper of the team has been lavishing the little earnings of the young Juventus FC of Italy prospect. In the story it was reported how the father has been spending recklessly on eer pepper soup which he now enjoys on daily basis in company of his friends, while boasting that he no longer pick calls with local numbers as his preference is now on foreign calls which invariably means he's negotiating the future of the young goalkeeper.

With the way he currently spends the little his son earned from the Under-17 World Cup on beers and pepper-soup and the law that place him in charge of the boy's subsequent earnnings, it will be right to say the boy is been sent on a modern slave trade which will see young Dele working to support the his father's new spendrift status which will expose the talented player to untold hardship at the latter stage.

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