Friday, 13 December 2013

FRA Williams' Son Warn Arisekola-Alao Off Father's Property

...Says, Trespass Again and be Dealt With
There seems to be a war brewering in the ancient city of Ibadan as the families of two of the most influential families in the town are set for collision over issues that has to do with one encroaching on another's land just because the head of the other family is no more. It was reliably gathered that the Aare Musulumi, Alhaji Arisekola Alao whose love for land acquisition has turned to a ugly habit that has pitched the billionaire against so many of his neighbours who he had at one time or the other cunnily acquire their land which is now part of his expansive compound which runs from Bashorun area of Ibadan to Akobo axis of the ancient city of Ibadan.

This time around the Aare musulumi may have bitten more than he can actually chew on his land grabbing antics when he trespassed on the property of Family of the Late legal luminary Chief FRA Williams, in a statement issued by two of the sons of the repected legal icon, FRA Williams (Jr.) and T.E. Williams (SAN), Alahaji Abdul-Azeez Arisekola-Alao was warned to desist from any illegal activities on the land. According to the statement the said property which is at 3, Rotimi Williams Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State was maliciously damaged, vandalized and demolished by Arisekola-Alao who is a neighbour of the late lawyer's family house in Bodija despite several warnnings that he should stay away.

However, the current seems to have gone farther than that as by the legal icon's sons who are also lawyers has vowed to deal with anybody that made the mistake of trespassing on the property again. It was reliably gathered that the Aare musulumi of Yoruba land may have fall prey to fraudters who as usual fed on his greed to own or possess any property around his own at all cost, it was also alleged that the whole issue has to do with the current crisis over their father's property among the four sons of Chief FRA Williams that pitched two earlier mentioned on the other two, who source claimed may have collected money from the billionaire to possess the property.
It will be right to say the two familes are two of the most influential in the ancient city as the two are known all over the country as leaders in their individual chosen careers, which means, should they head for confrontation it will have a lasting effect on those close to the two as it is the grass that suffers whenever two elephants fights.

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