Monday, 30 December 2013

Multinational Conspiracy As Guiness and Nigerian Breweries Team-Up Against Local Herbal Gin Makers

Allegedly Budgeted Hundreds of Million Naira to Bribe NAFDAC Officials

Competition is defined as the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others , in Economics competition is defined as the rivalry among sellers trying to achieve such goals as increasing profits, market share, and sales volume by varying the elements of the marketing mix: price, product, distribution, and promotions . There are also many ways through which competing manufacturers differentiate their products to attract customers and this includes; price, wrappers, quantity and many more.  

In every viable economy competition plays a major role in cutting down the price and making sure the interest of the consumers are protected at all times, but a situation that sees some others that are well established going through illegal means to out-muscle the new ones portends danger to economic growth of the community and this may be the trend in the country at the moment if the story reaching us is anything to go by.  

According to Bulls Eye on, it was reliably gathered that two of the country’s biggest beer manufacturing companies may have teamed-up to fight what they can describe as common enemy and this we were informed they are doing in the manners that is not befitting the companies’ status. Sources revealed that Guinness Nigeria Plc and Nigerian Breweries Plc are both working seriously to have the local herbal gins which quantity is increasing by the day faced-out of the market.  

Sources revealed that rather than face them out using the acceptable format in every competitive market like; producing similar products and selling for reduced price, etc., the two multinational beer companies have decided to do it the illegal way, which insiders alleged is to bribe officials of National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control (NAFDAC) to deny the manufacturers of these local herbal gin accreditation knowing that Nigerians who had been patronizing them will desist once they are not accredited by the agency.  

Information at the disposal of Bulls Eye on is that the advent of the local herbal gin has seen a sharp decline in the sales of the multinational beer manufacturers a situation that has seen their turnover reduced drastically and it was after conducting researches that they got to know that their closest rivals are now the local herbal gin manufacturers and this is based on the fact that it is cheap, it is believed to have medicinal ability, little quantity of it will sate the alcohol yearnings of the consumers and many other factors like that has made it the choice of the consumers who now abandons normal beer for it.  

Though it is expected that the giant beer factory should have come out with a brand that will enable them compete with the local herbal gin, but pride and fear of letting the people catching the whiff that the local herbal gins are giving them sleepless night was deduced as the reason the employ such unorthodox practice of bribing NAFDAC officials to frustrate the manufacturers of the local brand.   It is a matter of time according to insiders before the crook officials of the regulatory agency that were paid by the multinationals the several millions earmarked for the clamp down to switch into action just to execute the facing-out plan of the multinationals. A plan that we gathered was championed by the Guinness.  

All effort to however get the reaction of the multinationals proved abortive as Edem Vindah, the media manager of Nigerian Breweries could not be reached while the message dropped on the machine of the corporate and communications department of Guinness was left unanswered as at the time of writing this story.

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