Friday, 17 January 2014

Dr. Chris Okafor Explodes: There Will be Blood Sheds on 25th January 2014

The man that see it all and the general overseer of mountain of liberation and miracle ministry, aka liberation city Dr chris okafor has given his prophesy for the year 2014 at this year cross over watch night service that usher the church into the new year, speaking at the night of divine repositioning the oracle of God explain that God reveal to redeemed, he said those prophesy came as a warning to all and if the people involved are very sensitive they should work on and pray against all these revelations.

Major Bomb Blast Will Shake The Country
The oracle of God said there will be major bomb blast that will rock the country and these will keep so many family perished, these will happen simultaneously but if the country can come together to pray God might listen to their cry, this thing will happen as a result of enemity between people, but it can be averted.

Air Disaster in First Quater of The Year.
God revealed to me that there will be major air disaster in the early month of the year, that might claims life of so many eminent Nigerians, so we will like to use this opportunity to call on all stakeholders in the aviation industry to come alive in discharging their duties because God has revealed to correct errors and redeemed his people so it left in to the hand of the regulator to ensure safety on the air.

Bloodshed in First Month of The Year.
There will be bloodshed on the 25th of January, but it is not directly stated which channels it will come from either through road, water or air but the major things is for the people to pray against any form of accident on the date, again God revealed to redeemed

2014 Year of Greater Increase
The oracle of God landed with a soft torch while rounding up his prophesy for the year with the declaration that the year in review, is a year of greater increase in all ramification for those that believe and serve God diligently, he said all the people that labour on the right part will reap the fruit of their labour, while he challenged all political office holder to look for way by which there impact will be felt across the country as he also challenged Nigerians to continue to pray for the survival of democracy in the country. It will be recalled that the oracle of God as he is fondly called is one of the few men of God in this country that prophesy and all his prophesy as come to pass, in the year 2013 he predicted the death of African legend nelson Mandela, the consolidated plane crash. Nigeria victory over Ethiopia at the world cup qualify, death at the president domain, fire disaster among many other, his church liberation city as also turn to last bus stop for any form of predicament and afflictions, he won over 30 awards as parts of his commitment to put smile into the face of widows and down trodden.

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