Monday, 6 January 2014

How DSTV is Ripping off Nigerians with Epileptic Services

+ Reason they will not introduce pay per view in Nigeria as they practices in South Africa

There is a saying that those who sells services will always be making profit but taking into consideration the lack of steady electricity supply in the country companies that sells services now bill Nigerians more than their counterparts all around Africa.

This is however been used by some multinationals to fleece Nigerians of their hard earned money, one of such companies is Multichoice, the owner of Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) the leading satellite pay TV in Nigeria.  

Bulls Eye on, reliably gathered that the pay TV owner has been defrauding their Nigeria subscribers of several millions of Naira on weekly basis based on the epileptic services Nigerians has been getting from the company. Sometimes back, DSTV was accused by the DSTV Mobile users of defrauding them by not activating their mobile devices despite the fact that they had made payment, this was admitted by the satellite TV company who agree to compensate them with a couple of days access.  

Recently, it was gathered that the DSTV Company may have resume to their fraudulent best as it was revealed they make the buck of their money here in Nigeria by indiscriminate deactivation of their subscribers, it was revealed that the company has been intentionally deactivating many people’s account at period they know it will be impossible to reach their customer care representative just because they want to make more money through their recently introduced mobile phone error code clearing facility which they know is not working.  

Investigation revealed that apart from their due date facility all other codes they normally advertised should be sent to Nigerian short-code of 30333, is not working while such codes in other countries are working perfectly well. To make the whole thing worse is the fact that subscribers account may be deactivated more than five time before the actual due date which put the rough estimate of the amount they will be making on helpless Nigerians to several millions every week, while Nigerians are not even getting value for money deducted for using such facilities.  

Another like that is their decision not to employ the system that is being used by pay TV operators in most countries a system the DSTV is also using in South Africa, findings revealed that the company is on pay-per-view in South Africa which means money paid on the card of subscribers in South Africa will only be deducted based on the number of hours or minutes they spent watching the DSTV, while in Nigeria they decided to adopt the monthly payment system which invariably means your money is going either you watched it or not.  

Sources within the regulatory Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC), are said to be turning blind eye to the activities of the DSTV as officials of the commission has been enjoying one privilege or the other from the company just to turn blind eye to the way the pay TV has been treating their Nigerian customers with little or no consideration.

Though the company's closest rival in the country since its inception in the Nigerian supported pay TV, the HiTV has since folded-up due to the mismanagement of the company by the owner, but it is to note that DSTV also play its own role in the final closure of the Toyin Subair led HiTV, just because it was the company that is giving it the most challenge for the people's patronage, thereby increasing their opprtunity to rip innocent Nigerian off their hard earned money.

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