Monday, 17 February 2014

The Transformation Ethics of Kwara State Gov. Abdul Fatah Ahmed

It was with anxiety that Tunde joined the bus that will convey him from Lagos his base for the last twelve years to Ilorin the capital city of Kwara State, being an alumni of the prestigious University of Ilorin, he was looking forward to a chance to visit the town where he had spent four years which became five due to the many strike actions the lecturers of the school had embarked upon due to disagreement between them and the school authority, in his mind he was thinking of paying visit to the spots he and some of his friends has had swell time during their undergraduate years.

He was lost in thought of the good times he had that he was surprised when the driver of the chattered bus announced to him that they are in Ilorin, but to Tunde’s surprise the scene that greeted him was beyond his expectation as the city can easily compete with the revered parts of Lagos like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and other such places. He never envisage the sight that greeted him, he was so surprised that he gaped with his mouth wide open and could not hide his admiration to the effort the current government and the predecessor.

Just like Tunde, many are surprised by the transformation programme of the Government of Governor Abdul Fatah Ahmed, despite the fact that the State is predominantly a public servant State, the current Governor has been doing well with the little resources made available to the them, this much was confessed by the Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum who is also the current executive Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amechi, who is of the opinion that the government of the State must be performing miracle with the level of development compare to the amount they are getting from the Federation purse.

Though the State can be said to be one of the poorest based on the allocation due to it from the federation account, but the foresight of the immediate past governor of the State Senator Bukola Saraki, which was built upon by the current administration has helped improve the economy of the State in no small way as the State can boast of many companies that are improving the economy of the people despite rejecting the temptation to levy tax on the people.

It will be right to say Kwara is one of the most peaceful states in the country, and it is currently enjoying the good administration under the leadership of Abdulfatah Ahmed, who has proven himself as a seasoned banker, an administrator and now a super public servant who has been guiding the ship of the State incredibly since he was elected some three years back.

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