Friday, 4 April 2014

Daylight Robbery: Etisalat Nigeria Unlimited Fraud on Nigerians

…Rakes in Billions From Hapless Nigerians on Frivolous Excuses

Nigeria is a country where anything goes as it was once said and this much has been allowing some establishments to maltreat Nigerians while the government looks on, for sometimes now there has been so many complain about the reckless abandonment with which some telecommunication companies has been treating their Nigerian customers a situation that has seen helpless Nigerians loose several billions on daily basis, but recently Etisalat has decided to take this cruel act up another notch a situation that has seen the company embark on series of indiscriminate removal of both air and data time.

There has recently been series of complain by Nigerians on the indiscriminate recklessness with which Etisalat Nigeria is fraudulently deducting time from account of people using the network, narrating his experience Bunmi explained that he was surprised when after recharging his phone with N200 voucher to be informed minutes after, when he was trying to make a call the purpose for which the airtime was bought that he’s not having airtime. A situation that sees him put a call across to their customer care only to be informed that the newly loaded airtime was removed because he was browsing a situation he claimed was a mystery as he’s still having internet data on his line even as at that time while the whole incident was less than 10 minutes after the voucher was loaded.

Etisalat has for sometimes now being engaging in activities that has been raising questions about the kind of services they renders, they had in the past said to have been doing all sort of things just in their quest to make money through fraudulent ways. They were at a time accused of connecting consumers to promos they did not subscribe to a situation they used in generating money without the people knowing, the telecoms company it was gathered has been engaging all sort of sharp practices which is contrary to the laid down procedure by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC).

It is to note that at inception Etisalat operated in such a way that made it the toast of many Nigerians who trooped out to join the rapid growing subscribers base of the telecommunication company and it is not surprising when despite the fact that it is the last among the country’s four Global System Mobile (GSM) operators it takes no time in it competing subscribers wise with other established GSM operators that has been running years before it.
Consumers whose complaints are answered promptly during the early stage of introduction of Etisalat are now surprised that same company now relates with them in this new nonchalant manner. With the rate at which the telecommunication company has been recklessly and stylishly fleecing Nigerians of their hard earn cash sources revealed that the company would by now has successfully defrauded Nigerians of several billions of naira.

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