Monday, 7 April 2014

Ghana Financial Intelligence Probes Ekiti Gov. Fayemi On Multi-million Dollar Fraud

The fraudulent activities of Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi and his wife, Bisi Fayemi have been brought to the fore in Ghana, with a petition accusing the governor and his wife of laundering $250 million now before the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) in Accra, Ghana. FIC is Ghana’s version of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

This, sources alleged may be connected with the sudden trip the Governor made to Ghana two weeks ago. Source disclosed that Fayemi traveled to Ghana unaccompanied by any aides and spent two days.

According to a report published in the Friday, March 28, 2014 edition of THE ENQUIRER, a newspaper in Ghana, the duo of Fayemi and his wife allegedly laundered over $250 million, under the guise of doing humanitarian work, using the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) as front.

In the petition dated March 5, 2014, Fayemi and his wife, were alleged to be the ring leaders of a cross-border money-laundering gig that straddles Ghana and Nigeria.

The publication read; the attention of the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) in Accra has been gravitated towards the Governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria and his wife, who are alleged to be the ring leaders of a cross-border money-laundering gig that straddles Ghana and Nigeria.

Dr Kayode Fayemi and wife, Mrs Bisi Fayemi, stand accused in a petition to the FIC of being partners in crime in the laundering of over US$250 million across the two countries.

The Africa Unity Movement (AUM), which put the FIC on the tail of the Ekiti State Governor and his wife, said in a March 5th 2014 petition that Dr and Mrs Fayemi had siphoned the money from the coffers of Ekiti State and that he had piped it into huge investments in Ghana.
The petition which was signed by Ojaomo Tolulope Oluwatosin, Parliamentary Counsel for the AUM reads “It must be noted that up to the sum of 250 million US dollars might have been laundered through this institution (AWDF) and other sources with the connivance of Mrs Bisi Fayemi who happens to be a director and founding member of African Women Development Fund.”

The petition also noted that there have been several publications in Nigeria exposing Ghana as the safe haven for wealth, allegedly acquired illegally by Dr Fayemi and his wife.
“It is on record that they own choice properties around East Legon and its environs. It is no longer news that he owns a university college in Ghana and many more, all acquired with illegal funds from Nigeria,” the petition said.

A copy of the petition, which was said to have been addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of FIC, was intercepted by The Enquirer and the paper linked the alleged criminal activities of Dr Fayemi and his wife to the broader financial crime wave in West Africa and assessed that the recent erosion in value in the Cedi could be blamed on the fester of such criminality in the sub-region.

The petition was said to have expressed disgust at the fact that usually, white-colour criminals, allegedly in ilk of the Ekiti State Executive Governor, are held as heroes of the system and the demi-gods of society. “You will agree with me that the bane of development in Nigeria today is the problem of endemic corruption and perpetrators are mostly the most powerful in Nigeria and we are sure the case of James Ibori, a former governor of oil rich Delta State, is still fresh in our memories and will serve as an eye opener. “He was treated like a king and (made) untouchable in Nigeria but among all odds, the Metropolitan Police in the UK was able to nail him for conviction before a British court.” the paper explained.

On the score of the conviction of James Ibori, the AUM was alleged to have petitioned and challenge the FIC to launch investigations into the activities of Dr Kayode Fayemi and his wife, saying the AUM believed in Ghana because of the country’s democratic credentials.

In addition to the $250 million that the Ekiti State Governor and his wife are alleged to have laundered, the AUM also urged the FIC to investigate every financial deal that the couple have undertaken in Ghana, especially, the records from all financial institutions in relation to their dealing since October 2010.

We will keep you posted on the story which rear its head at this period when the Governor is currently campagining for re-election.


  1. Hey,I agree with a lot of your points but I think you're barking up the wrong tree citing Gates as an example. He has an outrageously privileged upbringing, which I a near total effect on where he ended up in life, financially speaking.
    I hate the 'Liberal-Douche' tone of the vid, but the data tells a story thats worth researching. Yes we should encourage a competitive marketplace, but even Adam Smith warned against this kind of concentration of wealth, as have many others. It actually imperils capitalism. Yes, we should encourage a meritocracy. But if that is the case, why has the concentration of wealth made a significant move towards the top 1% the 70's? It has to do with how a peculiar phenomenon of how money gets distributed in a market economy, coupled with large tax benefits for the wealthy in that time period. The top 1% is creating less wealth for society in 2014 vs 1975, yet they earn more. Also, the influence of wealth in politics and advertising has far outpaced inflation, thus compounding how fast they can accumulate wealth.Thanks to all!!!
    Africa Current News

  2. Whoever publish this is never and may never be a good reporter. I am from Ekiti State and the allocation coming to the state from the federal government is no where close to the amount mentioned in your write up. There are no industries in my state, most Ekiti people depends on salary, which tells you that they are civil servants. If you say it's no longer a news that he own a university in Ghana, where is your prove. Hey! Nigerians are not fools, Ekiti people are not that stupid as you think. And please, if you guys are planning to initiate war between Nigeria and Ghana, let your reason for that be clearly state. Leave Ekiti State out of this, we are peace loving people. JKF is a man of peace and he will never lie to his people. Thank you.

  3. Na wah much does ekiti earn .it is the no 35 state in Nigeria in terms of allocation out of Is a poor state. It as never defaulted in its salary payment to the civil servants.the state as more civil servants than on do state which is far more richer.if he had stolen 42500000000 which is the naira equivalent. FCC should have arrested him.we all would have known.because the state does not earn up to that in 1 1/2 years. Salaries would not have been paid.when you lie do it smartly. Am really disappointed in your claims .journalism is about stating facts.what legacy will u leave to ur children .that u are a crooked jounarlist or reporting house.