Friday, 20 June 2014

Arisekola's Death: Friends and Associates Fear Family Rift Over Estates and Properties

The recent news of the death Ibadan based billionaire Alhaji Abudulazeez Arisekola-Alao came as shock to family, friends and associates despite the fact that he had been battling with cancer of the colon for sometimes now, and as expected encomium has been pouring in from governments, politicians and corporate bodies alike.

However, friends and associates of the billionaire businessman who has many wives are afraid his death may be a catalyst that will break his family if care is not taken. It would be recollected that the family of the acclaimed winner of June 12, presidential election in the country Chief Moshood Olawale Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) has been embroiled in one crisis or the other over the properties of the late politician years after his death due to the fact that he's married to more than one woman, and it is feared that same may crop-up in the case of Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland.

Sources revealed that it will be difficult for any member of his family to manage his several acre Bashorun home, the compound which starts from Bashorun all the way to Akobo area of Ibadan is rumoured to house a wild life park and it is believed the maintenace and management of the estate will be too much of any of his children.

It is also feared that the posibility of the Aare of not leaving a written Will may give room for such crisis, another source revealed that his death may have give room for his family to face series of law cases as regard the many land grabbing allegation leveled against the businessman a situation which had at a time pitched him against the children of late legal luminary Chief FRA Williams, who asked him to stay off their father's property.

Though it is argued that Alhaji Arisekola-Alao is more intelligent than to make such mistake of not leaving a written instruction on how to share his properties others are quick to point out that the Will may even lead to another round of legal war as children that are not satisfy may want to prove points, it is only time that will tell how things will be after his death.

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