Thursday, 12 June 2014

Prophet T. B. Joshua Standing Tall in the Lord Not Minding Persecution at 51

He who is favoured by God, the Bible said will live like a banana planted by the riverside that flourishes and bring forth fruits as at when due. This is the best way to describe the man in the synagouge, Prophet T. B. Joshua, who is looking younger not minding the fact that he will be 365 days above the golden age today.

The prophet who can be dubbed the most criticised and villified man of God in Nigeria has over the years turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the nonsence many has been saying about him as he in turn has been impacting positively in the lives of the poor and downtroden in the country, who he has always been known to help through different plans put in place for such reason.

A quick scan of Prophet T. B. Joshua's life changing encounters includes his decision to come to the help of veteran Nigerian actor Charles Olumo, popularly known as "Agbako" in the Yoruba genre of Nigerian movie. The eighty something years Agbako, whose state of finances is nothing to talk about until he met the prophet who he described as a real man of God in an interveiw he granted journalist during his 84years birthday in 2011, in his words "Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of God. God has used him in helping the less privileges. He helped me. The money he gave me, I bought a brand new car and I started completing my house."

He has also impacted positively on the lives of so many in the country which informed the reason many always troop to his church to with the hope that they'll be lucky to have an encounter with him, knowing that he's not one of those men of God who'll insist you become a member of their church or a Christian before they can asist you as he helps not minding religion or denomination. This is just a simple way of wishing this exemplary man of God a wonderful Birthday.

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