Thursday, 31 July 2014

Project Fame: Clement, David, Emeka, Sola On Probation

The MTN Project Fame West Africa (season 7) contestants had spent last week settling into the Academy, attending classes from members of the Faculty, all in preparation for their very first stage performance as bonafide contestants in the competition.
For the contestants, it was a night of making first impressions, and so they put up a breath taking show, singing with every passion and energy they could muster.
The show began with delectable hosts; Joseph Benjamin and Bolanle Olukanni giving highlights of the previous show. Then it was time for the contestants to take every one on a journey of sensational music renditions.
The audience could barely contain their excitement as they showered the contestants with applause after each performance. It was apparent they were beginning to have favourites as the intensity of the applause varied with each performance.
At the end of it all, the judges were clearly not impressed with the performances and Tee Y Mix did not keep back their views regarding the evening. He advised the contestants to put in more effort in the next show.
The following day was another night for the contestants to perform but this time; to avoid probation.
But at the end of the day's show, it was evident that the judges were already in full gear and the competition had really started.
It was a good night as the contestants thrilled the audience with classic hits from world music legends.
After all performances, Emeka, Sola, Clement and David were not fortunate enough to escape probation.
The judges didn't mince words with the contestants, as they gave their candid opinion on each contestant's performance. Top of their concern is the need for the contestants to relax, stay focused, remember their lyrics, be flexible and above all create synergy with the audience.

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