Monday, 18 August 2014

Daniella Steps Into Academy As Kofo Bids farewell

Ever heard of the saying "When opportunity knocks, don't let fear hold you back but open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth". This was the case of pretty Daniella.
Having yielded the Wild Card call, Danniella and two other contestants with highest votes were faced with the task of battling their way into the Academy. Temitope, Daniella and Harry again sang their hearts out to gain favour in the sight of the judges. At the end of these performances, the judges gave Daniella Oji the golden entry into the Academy
because of her smooth cover of Alicia Keys' 'Falling'.‎
As Daniella celebrated her entry into the Academy, Ogechukwu, Kofo, Christian and Laami had to walk the lonely path of probation; being contestants with the least votes. This time, they sang as though their lives depended on it. As expected, they repeated the songs that landed them on probation.
Looking back at how the evening started, all the contestants came confidently on stage, looking glam in their different outfits and together they did justice to their medley - 'Ahomka womu' by V.I.P, '1er gaou' by Magic System and 'Imagine that' by Styl Plus. These got them the loudest ovation yet this season as the audience jumped on their feet dancing and cheering them. The smiles on the faces of the Faculty members was profound, one could totally feel the joy that radiates in the heart of a teacher whose students have made proud.
Coming to the critical part of the show, while Christian found grace in the face of the Judges, the Faculty rescued Ogechukwu, and Laami escaped elimination from the votes from majority of the contestants not on probation; leaving Kofo to face the harsh reality –eviction.
Goodbye always makes the heart heavy, however Kofo was quick to pull herself together and with smiles on her face she signed out of the competition with 'Yori Yori' by Bracket.
The following evening had every element of a great show, from the colourful costumes, to the energetic dancers, down to the outstanding vocal prowess of the contestants; the evening is indeed an unforgettable one.  We would also be quick to remember the joy of watching two Project Fame alumni; Immaculate (Season 6) and Oyinkansade (5) grace the stage again.
Immaculate and Oyinkansade opened the show doing a cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' after which they each seamlessly flowed into their individual performances with Oyinkansade singing his hit song 'Adura' (Prayer) and Immaculate singing her song 'Go Go Baby', both to the delight of the excited audience.
Afterwards, the contestants stepped on stage after the other thrilling the audience with various songs across West Africa from the Urban Hip Life genre. They got stellar comments from the Judges and Faculty members; they were vividly impressed with most of their growth. In the end, although the judges were asked to name their best three performances for the night, they said they were impressed with not three but six performances; Emeka, Shola, Christian, Geoffrey, Clement, and Daniella who made her debut appearance as Project Fame 7.0 contestant.

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