Tuesday, 5 August 2014

David Bids Farewell To MTN Project Fame Academy

What seemed like the happiest thing that could happen to anyone suddenly became short-lived for David as he bowed out of the MTN Project Fame competition last weekend. After performing the same songs that landed them on probation last weekend, Clement, Shola, Emeka and David upped their game this time.

Apart from the tension-gripped atmosphere of who exactly would be first to leave the competition, other contestants not on probation did a beautiful medley of Whitney Houston's hit tracks; paying tribute to the legend.

Well, the moment of truth came and it was delightful to see that the whole of Ghana stood up for their compatriot. Clement was saved as he got the highest number of votes from viewers. The Faculty in turn saved Shola, leaving David and Emeka's fate in the hands of their fellow contestants. David had just three votes while Emeka got a second chance into the Academy with eight votes.

Giving a beautiful twist to the show, Tolu of season 3 rocked the stage with a brilliant performance and once again proved to all that not winning does not ruin your chances of being an exceptional super star.

In an emotion laden ambiance, David bid the competition farewell with Bruno Mars' 'Lazy Song. With this new development, it is obvious the competition has shifted gears and the contestants would be more than ever before, willing to put their best 'foot' forward. The second nomination show was tagged 'A Night of Pop, Urban, and Rock tunes'.

It was clear that something had changed in the contestants, seemed they suddenly became aware of the competition in the wake of previous night's elimination where David bid them goodbye. As pop, urban and rock tunes was the order of the night, the contestants came on stage with more energy and an attitude that showed they dreaded being put on probation.

History again repeated itself as the Faculty and judges were at loggerheads over whether or not Lasbrey's performance was impressive. Just like the previous week, Tee Y mix's comment about his performance insinuated that it was not impressive, but Ms. Ige countered it by saying it had the entire necessary element it should have. Lasbrey performed Craig David's 7 Days at the second nomination show. Ade Bantu buttressed TY Mix's assertion saying the performance was simply below average which, Ms. Ige was quick to disagree.

Sadly, 14 contestants instead of 15 contestants gave their best for the night. This was due to an injury Clement sustained earlier on during rehearsals.

The fact remains that it is still a competition, and although all the performances were good, some were still not 100% and so 5 people were put on probation.


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