Tuesday, 21 October 2014


…Lays off Hundreds of Workers without Severance Pay
+ How the thriving company was mismanaged

One of the leading soap manufacturing company in the country: European Soaps and Detergent Limited (ESDL), the makers of Asepso Antiseptic soap, Swift Multipurpose soap, Bubble Multipurpose soap, Pride toilet soap,  Fresh Life Herbal soap and many other popular brands we gathered is at the moment bankrupt. the current situation of the company has been to mismanagement as our findings revealed.
This is another big blow to the belly of the ailing Nigerian economy, coming at a time many manufacturing companies are planning to abandon the country for neighboring Ghana. This is due to the inept effort of the government to make sure things are put in appropriate order as regards stable electricity supply, good road network and provision of adequate security to secure lives and properties.
Nevertheless, sources revealed that the company owned by Indian expatriates has been having it rough for sometimes now due to the manner it is being managed by its legion of expatriate Indian managers and few of their Nigerians top managers led by the company Human Resources Manager Mrs Dupe Akindiya. Sources revealed that she and the company Nigerian accountant Mr. Oshatuyi has been working in connivance with the Indians to exploit their Nigerian staffs and deny them the payment of their entitlements.

Furthermore, couples of weeks back, commuters plying Mile 2 expressway were given rude awaking when hundreds of the staff of ESDL took to the main road to complain the cruel and heartless way they were treated by the company management led by Mr Suren Mirchandani. Some of the protesting staff who spoke with SG, explained that the company Management just decided to lay them off without payment of their entitlements a situation which is against the labour law of Nigeria. Some of the workers claimed they have been working for the company for a couple of years.

In addition it is obvious that the company has been known for the way it treated its staff which is not favourable. This the management has been doing with the help of its Nigerian HR manager who despite that she is a Nigerian is the slave driver. Whereas, the Indian staff is enjoying all sorts of privileges which range from accommodation to cars to weekend allowance to many other privileges, meanwhile their Nigerian staffs, who are mostly employed on contract basis, are only being paid stipends while those who are even in the management level are not enjoying half of the facilities their Indian colleagues are enjoying.

The protest of the past week is just the climax of an already tensed situation which started with maladministration the Indian owners and their Nigerian cohort has been dishing out to the workers. This coupled with the decision to ask everybody to go was as the last straw that broke the camel’s back. A source revealed that the management has all this while not giving chance for the staff to exercise their constitutional right to form a labour or trade union that will be representing them in cases like the current one that is rocking company.

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