Monday, 6 October 2014

Unbelievable! Years After Conversion, Ebenezer Obey Backslide?

...Remove Evangelist From His Name Revert Back To Chief Commander

 This is without doubt a scene for the Nigerian movie industry, the Nollywood, or how easy is it to describe the decision of this supposed evangelist who had claimed he's really called by God to turn back to his former way, how could one describe the fact that our own juju musician turned pastor, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi, has fully returned back to his former ways.

Sources revealed that the man whose church is somewhere around Oyewole road, Agege, would have had enough after about 20 years in the vine-yard as church ministry is being called. It is to note that the man who had stayed off shows for sometimes had decided to returned to reopening his office to shows of any kind when it is obvious the church is not bringing money as expected. His return to circular music and the money that accompanied it must have been very encouraging, informing the situation that sees him returning back to his old ways.

Investigation revealed that the shows which has been coming, may have further embolden him to removing the Evangelist in front of his name only to replace it with the former Chief Commander. This much was revealed on the jacket of the new albums he's been producing for notable Nigerians in the last couple of years now.

It would be recollected that the music legend had sometimes back bought the Afrodisia studio with the money paid to him by, Dr Mike Adenuga led Globacom company for the evergreen series of the company, which invariably means he did not have to pay for studio sessions. This may have been the reason he has been churning out albums in the name of different people in the society for financial gains, and it is suggested his fraternity with these people may be responsible for his decision to revert back to his old name, which now features on the jackets of his new song.

 With the careless abandonment with which he now flaunts the Chief Commander title against his now popular Evangelist title shows there is either an error somewhere or that the General Overseer of the Decros Gospel Mission may have backslided. It is only a matter of time before the real new identity of

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