Monday, 15 December 2014

A Very Important Opposition Leader May Die Before 2015 Election - Dr. Chris Okarfor

The general overseer of Liberation city church worldwide Dr Chris Okafor has warned against what he called serious bloodshed as the nation prepared to transcend to another political calendar, speaking in a chat with the press, the oracle of God has he is fondly called said what God revealed to him is not palatable at all, but he said if Nigerians can cried to the lord with one voice, the looming disaster can be averted because God revealed to redeemed, Dr Chris Okafor also use the opportunity to talked on Liberation city 11th years anniversary, the liberation bible institutes, COWOM and the state of the nation, enjoy the chat...

Congratulations on your ministry 11th year’s anniversary, without doubt liberation city church is one of the church that most people around the world love to attend either through the weekly program or through the liberation television, tell us how have you been able to put the church across these standard so far?
By the grace of God as you can see, God has been faithful to the church and the church has gone really far the mandate give to us we are actualizing the mandate and we are moving forward and you know the something will continue to be until the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached through-out the world and to every creators. According to Mathew 24 vs 14,its reads that this gospel must be preached to every creator then the end will come, God has been faithful you can see a lots of expansion going on in the church, the church from the auditorium we have God has provided us with additional three plots of land, so with this we can provide a 20,000 seat capacity auditorium all these between last year and this year, God has been faithful this can only be said that the grace upon this commission and favour, it is not by our doing but God favour and we on our own we are actualizing it to fulfilled the mandate God given to us.
Sir let also look at the 1 billion souls mandate given to you by God to win a billion souls to the kingdom, how far, are you really getting there?
Oh as you can see we have everything on our side, and God is on our side, whatever God is not a man when God gives you an assignment he made provision for it, also devil can send you an errand, give you salt and the same time destroyed it, but when God sent is not like that, when God send you a mandate or a vision he gives you provision for it to carry out which is given to you and this can be nothing but God as you can see, we are moving from one place to the other, moving from one nation to the other, we are having city crusades nationwide crusade, the other day we are in south-Africa, UK, and about three weeks thereafter we just came back from Abidjan, where we have record breaking crusade about 80,000 people were in attendance, the Abidjan stadium was full to capacity, even people were outside the stadia for the program, the beauty of it is that over 18,000 people gave their life to Christ, it is awesome, yes the mandate is not something that can be actualized in a day but because we are on the right step we are following the path of success, we have all the secret to actualized this, God has been faithful, that is why thousands of people giving the life to Jesus on a daily basis, mighty miracles and confirmations of prophesies and the manifestation of God presences, so we are getting there.
The recent Abidjan crusade, can you tell us some of the major miracles that happen, the one god use you to perform that amazed you the more, even as God use you to do those wonders?
There are lots of miracles here and there, but the greatest miracle am proud of is that of multitudes of people that gave their life to Christ, the bible said what shall a man benefit to gain the whole world and losses the kingdom of God, and it is better to seek the kingdom of God first and every other things will be added, also other things that happen we saw a man that has been deaf for 17 years deaf and dumb, God open his ear and his tongue he stated talking immediately, we saw people that came on wheel chair but went back home walking, it was indeed harvest of miracles, mighty deliverance, creative deliverance, a lots of things happen the eyes of the blind opened, it is not miracle we can count, in fact it is too much its harvest of miracles because the presence of God was heavy.
You also visited the destitute home around Lagos, what actually inform these or it’s part of the mandate given to win a billion souls to the kingdom of God?
Yes, these is an outreach, a church beyond the wall, church beyond the four corner of a church we have the outreach wing of the church COWOM this cover visiting nations preaching the words of Jesus Christ, and you see Jesus did something the other day, the bible said after he has finish preaching to peoples, he said give them something to eat, remember Jesus said I can to you I was hungry you gave me something to eat, I was tasty you gave me water to drink, and someone asked how, he said when you have done it to my people, those that does not have (i.e) the less privileged you have done it to me, so it is part of our mandate to go to reach the less privilege in the society, in liberation city we have a lot of empowerment programme, skill acquisition programme where my foundation sponsor people give them money to start up business, also the foundation take care of the needy, we gives food items to the widows on a monthly basis, we even empowered some of the widows, so we now have to go out to destitute homes where we share them over 500 bags of rice, give them cash we do these in different places, as am talking to you now, we have another one coming up, we will be distributing a full lorry load rice to different destitute homes and giving out money this is our mandate and we can’t stop doing it
The liberation bible institutes graduated close to 100 students recently, can we say your actual dream of raising a standard qualify trained pastors have just been fulfilled or not?
Yes we thank God for that, as I talked to you now, lots of them has been graduated, they are even doing their industrial training or attachment now, any way you call it, some of them that have grown spiritually that have cut up with the anointing will be sent to branches of liberation city all over the world, so am proud that we have been able to raise a qualify anointed filled students to the world.

Some of the prophesies you gave early this year has come to pass, how do you feel when you hear people saying you are an accurate seer?
It is not for me to celebrates to God, because the bible says God time is the ultimate, God speaks and he speaks for a purpose and the bible says every secrecy belong to God, and that which he will reveal he reveal to his servant, and in the book of Amos, it said God does not do anything without revealing to his servant the prophet, everything that you see happen we have spoken about, God has revealed it ahead of time we have prophesy about it, the one he ask us to avert were averted, the one people in the place of power were supposed to do and which if they refuse to do we can’t be hold responsible, because when God speaks he warn, there are warning to everything he speaks, one thing is for people to listen to the warning, and also follow the instruction God has given, I remember there are lots of prophesy about the plane crash, military helicopter crash, also that 2014-2015 is going to be bloody and it has been like that, a lot of fire incident. It has been happening there are lot of prophesy if you go to our record of prophesy you will all see it there concerning nations and individuals that has come to pass, all this things happens, it is not by my making, this is what am born to do,
What is your take on the current crisis that is presently engulfing the nation bearing in mind that you gave a prophesy early this year on who is going to emerge the president of Nigerian come the 2015 general election?
Well you see God might have a very wonderful plan for someone,(i.e.) God might have an original for you, but it is now left for you who is the builder to work toward actualizing the plan but if you alter it, that is your own problem, yes God said his Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will be re-elected, yes God said that but he too have to work it out for it to be a reality and for it to come to past, one thing is that if God can tell you, that you will be a multi-billionaire and you go to your house and start sleeping you don’t do any work and you expect it to come to pass, you are automatically by you act altering the plan of God and you must not expect the prophesy to come to pass, it does not means that God is a liar, he has spoken but you have to work hard, that is why the bible says work hard, the state of the nation is not really good we need to be prayerful because, what I see that is about to happen is not good there is going to be more and more bloodshed and this thing needed to be tackled spiritually especially when it come to the issue of Boko Haram, the insurgency need to be tackled spiritually, it is not ordinary any more, that is why with all the military and different support, it seem the government is doing nothing because there is a spiritual angle to it, the religion leader need to come together and pray just as we have been doing in Liberation City, we have been praying and I know not too long if the government of the day get involved too, it will be a thing of the past, we gather here we pray according to God instruction, this war can only be won spiritually, we can change the situation, so concerning the state of the nation in 2015, Nigerians need to pray there is going to be more bloodshed as never before, except we do something to avert it, I repeat it can be averted also the opposition leaders should pray concerning some of their leaders, I see one of the major opposition leader dying before the general election they should pray for God to intervene and keep one of their major leader, we are praying for everybody because am not a politician, am only going to do what God ask me to do
What are your comments on the recent attack on Christendom, the can president ordeal and the Synagogue church building collapse, will this augur well for the body of Christ?
You see, you should understand that the church is the light, and attack on churches did not start today in the days of the apostle they kill James, john the Baptist was attacked, he was beheaded even in the days of Jesus, he was nailed to the cross all manner of things were said about him, so am surprised that people are surprised that the body of Christ is coming under attack, you know they must understand from the spiritual point of view, that this is a battle going on, the bible says we dwell in the flesh but we do not work be the flesh, that weapon of our warfare are not caner, we need to understand the spiritual working of those things that are going on is not an ordinary battle, but spiritual, as long as Satan is in operation Satan is a spirit he cannot die, he is working to and fro looking for who to devoid, one thing Satan will do is to discredit the church, which is the all slot against the church of God, talking about Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is a proving man of integrity a true man of God, whatever they like to say God is always with him, the falsehood cannot survive for a long time, this man is the father of Christianity in this nation, he is God anointed and a man of proving integrity I repeat, there is no way you expect a man that stand upright and no attack on him, also Prophet TB Joshua is also a man of God, though I have not met him, only on the screen but from all submission he has carefully fulfilled Gods command I think we need to join hand and pray for him, Satan is only trying but he will not succeed.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How Petroleum Minister Alyson Madueke’s Son is Using His Mother’s Position to Make Money from Favour Seekers

...Allegedly Charges $150,000 to Facilitate Meetings with the Mother

Corruption has been highlighted as the major cause of poverty in Nigeria. This has eaten too deep into the Nigeria system that the supposed common-wealth of the country is only been mismanaged by a greedy few. Mostly the government’s recklessness has also endanger the future of the country as those that are supposed to be the future has also been inducted into the reckless life style of their parents who has been pillaging the wealth of the most populous black nation.

Some years back during the agitation of the labour unions against the removal of fuel subsidy by the government, the whole country was shocked by the story of how Ugonna, the son of the Petroleum Minister Mrs. Allyson Madueke, has been living a life of affluence even when more than 90 per cent of Nigerians are wallowing in poverty. The pictures accompanying the story showed him at his reckless best holding wads of American dollar bills. Though, he came out to explain that the picture of display of wealth online then was at a fund raising function of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity University of Maryland Chapter. He said then that he was holding the money as a show of openness which was the culture of the fraternity.

Ugonna also explained further that he was forced at a very young age by his former military administrator father to always work for everything he needs. So, he’s entitled to live his dream after working hard. Though he refused to talk about the nature of his job, his explanation shows the job must be gratifying enough to justify the life of affluence he’s living.

Findings however revealed that his works may not be unconnected with the office of his mother. It was reliably gathered that Ugonna has for sometimes now been acting as facilitator of meetings between his Petroleum Minister mother and others that may have been looking for avenue to meet the Nigerian minister. It was also gathered that he has been working in connivance with a lawyer who is usually the first contact for anyone who want to set up meeting with the honorable minister. It is the lawyer who will first inform the contact of the mandatory $150,000 fee Ugonna collects. The money is said would be the only reason the young man will then be willing to talk to you.

Inside sources further revealed that, his method is to stroll into his mother’s office in company of his clients who he introduces to his mother as friends thereby softening the process for them before his doting mother. Further investigation shows he sometimes make the trip with as many as 3 clients a week while at other times, he may have just a handful of them a month. Averagely he’s said to be making nothing less than $150,000 per week which will definitely make him one of the highest paid in many European football clubs if he’s a footballer.

This informed the kind of works he said he’s doing which makes him so much money that he can throw around anyhow. Such work is that lucrative because of the current position of his mother as the Minister of Petroleum in one of the richest country in the world which on the contrary can also boast of the largest number of poor citizens.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Breaking! Jimi Agabaje Emerge PDP Candidate in Governorship Primary

Information reaching us is that pharmacist turned politician Mr. Jimi Agbaje has been voted the by the State delegates at the State congress hours back.

The primary was to choose the flag bearer of the party for the next year's general election and at the end of it all Mr. Jimi Agbaje was chosen by the party delegates to slug it out with Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, who had been initially chosen by the opposing APC to contest for the office that the incumbent Babatunde Fashola will be vacating May 2015. The PDP gubernatorial primary in Lagos has before the primary been largely reduced to a contest between one time Nigerian ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Musiliu Obanikoro and the eventual winner Agbaje.

Details about the election which has featured the display of large scale violence will made available later.

How American Embassy is Ripping Nigerians off Through Shady Visa Denial

...Generates $Millions Monthly on Visa Fees
The American government announced last year that the yearly America visa lottery will no longer be receiving applications from Nigeria as the country has used up its allotted number of emigrants through the American visa lottery. This invariably means that, the lottery is closed to Nigerians. The reaction among Nigerians on the contrary was that, the decision was because of the disagreement between American and the Nigerian government on the issue of Nigeria’s refusal to allow same gender marriage.

Though it later proved that the matter may not be the reason for the decision as it decision did not single Nigeria out. It was in the course of this that another visa policy was introduced which is meant to encourage Nigerians to apply more for the American visa. It was announced earlier in the year that the duration of visas issued to Nigerians will be increased. This, coupled with the introduction of the online submission of non-immigrant visa application increased the number of applicants for the American visa in the country. Then come the era of indiscriminate refusal, unlike other embassies like the German Embassy and others there is need to pay the visa application fees of $160 or its equivalent in Naira (N26,000), to the purse of the embassy and this made the denial tricks very interesting as Nigerians are denied visa on all sort of flimsy excuses.

Unconfirmed sources place the refusal rate of Nigerian applicants who were denied visas by the American embassies in Nigeria on daily basis at about 99 per cent of total numbers of those that apply. One other thing that was realized is the system employed by the American visa agents which involves giving false hope to applicants by sweet-talking them into believing that they stand better chance of being issued the visa when they apply next. Whereas, the numbers of those that will be given visa is still the same and it is more like a “lucky dip” or even “Lottery”.

Investigation however revealed that the whole process of denial which is the main thing in the two American embassies in Nigeria is just a gimmick to raise money. A rough and unconfirmed estimate of how much these embassies make on Nigerians is outrageous compare to the number of visa they issue out to Nigerians on monthly basis. Though it cannot be ascertained, sources revealed that the population of visa applicant besieging both the Lagos and Abuja offices of the American embassy cannot be less than 1,000 on daily basis knowing that the embassy entertains visa from applicants in three batches in both embassies with population in excess of 1,000.

A little arithmetic on the amount the embassy makes on Nigerian applicants can be approximated to be in the region of $160,000 on daily basis. This calculation was arrived at by multiplying the visa fee for non-immigrant applicant ($160) by the estimated number of applicants per day (1,000). This means the embassy will be making an average of $160,000 per day. The meaning of this is that the embassy will be making approximately $800,000 a week and $3.2million every month, which made the visa business a very lucrative one for the American embassy in Nigeria. Our calculation is based only on the non-immigrant visa application which as at now is $160 with information that it may be increased soon. This is without considering other visa fees with price ranges from $190 to $270 depending on desired visa type.

It is to note that that some of these so called interviews were conducted in less than one minute just to accommodate as much as possible applicants on daily basis. It will also be good to note that, the highest paid worker in America will only earn to the tune of $15 per hour which is the highest in the country. This is only paid in the state of Seattle and one can compare this to the $160 for a visa interview in Nigeria that could be less than one minute. This invariably means they have earned more than 10 hours pay in just less than a minute in Nigeria a country where people live daily on an average that is less than $1.

Meanwhile this massive money making venture in form of travelling to America has been going on for years. Recently, there has been information that the application fee is going to be increased to God knows how much. The Americans however cannot be entirely blamed for turning the Nigerian citizens to money making venture. The Nigerian government has a large share of the blame or how do one expect Nigerians not to want to seek greener pasture abroad when things are not really working well in the country.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Unvelling Nigerian Customers Unfriendly Banks

...How Access Bank led some others to Inflict Unimaginable Hardship on the People

Aig Imokhuede
Putting into consideration the much talked about Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cashless policy, it will be right to point accusing finger at some banks for working assiduously towards frustrating the move by their act. Why will people now not resort back to keeping their money away from banks with the indiscriminate way the banks frustrate depositors who are making use of their ATM machines?

The CBN had some years back, embarked on sensitization of the people on the need to shelve the habit of moving around with huge amount of money. The project, which is known as the “Cashless Policy”, was given a trial run in Lagos; the economic capital of the country and it was deemed a success. This informed the decision to adopt the policy nationwide. The adoption was seen by many as a mistake as there have been so many lapses noticed in the Lagos trial run that is giving the people some sleepless night. The most common of which is the fact that, many had become stranded for going cash-light due to network problem as their banks are said not to have service when they are supposed to make withdrawals. It is believed that in the countries where the cashless policy is being used such network problem hardly ever happened.

Another of the problems militating against the policy is the attitude of some banks and their response to customers’ complaints. Chief among these crops of banks is Aig Imokhuede led Access Bank. Investigation reveals that the indiscriminate way at which this bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is deducting money from people’s account without payment is forcing most people around them to have a rethink about using the Access Bank ATM machine. This is because the bank’s response to such complaints usually takes a minimum of 5 months, while some would have ended up forfeiting the money to the bank.

In the cause of investigation on this practice by the Access Bank, it was reliably gathered that the brutish practice of the bank has even been extended to customers of the bank's customers inherited from Intercontinental Bank. Some customers of the old Intercontinental bank while speaking to Society Gazette, narrated how they find it difficult to sometimes access the same privileges other customers of the bank enjoys.

According to another customer of the Access bank, her problem is the indicriminate deduction of the bank on the account she's operating with the bank, she explained that after the take over of Intercontinental bank she decided not to run the account again because of all sort of deduction which the bank customer service department said is for maintaining the account and after she decided not to run the account again the deduction still continue unabated, she state that money is being deducted from the account even for the sms they sends to her for deducting her money even when the account is dormant.

Another of the bank customer also complained that the bank ATM also seize his money without it been reversed for like four months, which has left him in a tight position. He explained further that the bank has in the last four months removed N20, 000 on two different occasions amounting to N40, 000. This according to him is telling on him, owning to the fact that he needs all money he could get for his project.

Godwin Emefiele
Though Access bank is not the only Nigerian bank whose practices seems aimed at putting a clog in the wheels of the CBN policy of moving about with less cash than needed. Their stand however, has so far been the one with most telling effect on the people. Others are the First Bank, Diamond Bank, Skye Bank to mention but few.

Also, talking about First bank; the oldest bank in the country, the bank is known to be fond of making their customers wish there is no public holidays as the network of the bank is known to always suffers breakdown a day to any public holiday. This has on several occasions left many of their customers stranded. The bank was also accused of making sure that not all the ATM at their galleries is always working. This is said to be the reason there is usually queue at all the bank’s ATM points.

Likewise, the Access bank, Diamond and Skye banks are also accused of delaying the reversal of money deducted from their customers’ account. Diamond bank is said to have thousands on the queue on the order of first come first serve. This is a situation that also did not get to receive serious consideration from the bank as it will take as long as six (6) months to come to have their case treated before their money can be repatriated into their account. This informed the reason why some of those that were affected to conclude that the bank may be using their money to run some other business while they will not be paid any interest for the delay.

However, the refusal of the baking industry to grow at the same pace and their little care about customer relation may have presented itself an opportunity for some of their fraudulent staffs to perpetrate countless successful fraudulent acts. This has enabled them cart away hard earned money of customers placed in the care of the banks. This is evident in the various cases of fraud against staffers of many of these financial institutions as recorded by both the Police and the EFCC.

Voodoo Allegation Trail Ogun PDP Guber Candidate Selection Process

...Party Leadership Accused of also Asking for N500million from Aspirants

The names of some literary works of Chinua Achebe can best be used to described the crisis that is currently rocking the quest of the opposing People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State about the crisis rocking their ambition to snatching power from the incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun of the All Progressive Congress (APC). In Achebe's words their quest to present the "Man of The People" seems to have been struck by the "Arrows of gods" a situation that sees "Things Falling Apart" as the people are "No Longer at Ease".

Report coming out of Ogun State, is that the greed to control whoever represent the party by three of the party leaders in the State has forced them to go the length any aspirant with credibility will not go. Sources within the party alleged that the issue within the party in the State over the governorship ticket is that some strong men in the party has been demanding that every aspirants in the State under the umbrella of the PDP should sware to an oath with the three of them that they will be loyal and to also sign a IOU to the tune of N500 million, before they can be given the ticket.

Some aspirants we gathered has been doing what was asked of them by these three men who are weilding so much power between the PDP in the State, one of the aspirant who is from the Yewa extract in the State we gathered has even gone as far as borowing N100 million from a man popular for lottery in the State out of which he has paid N50 million to these party leaders with a promise to pay the rest later.

This latest demand by the powers that be in the State has seen some of the aspirants refusing to put the State in pre-election debt and that it is contrary to their believe to take any sort of oath to enable them seek electoral position and that they will rather pull out, this action it was also revealed may cost the party any chance of ursurping the incumbent

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Delta State Indigene Vow to Resist Greedy Governor Uduaghan's Imposition

The major problem facing the country as regards choosing people to represent them politically is godfatherism, the process where some selected few are determined to control the stranglehold on elected officials either because they finance their ambition or they use their political power to influence their election into office. This much is the crisis currently brewing in oil rich Delta State, where the incumbent Governor of the State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, is doing all in his best to replace himself with one of his own in Mr. Tony Oboh.

His decision we gathered irked some of the party leaders in the State who are eager to rid the State of anything that has to do with Uduaghan, who they described as greedy and selfish based on the way he has been managing the resources of the State for the past eight years.

The Governor was acused of turning Delta State to a family business, according to a source close to the party leaders, every contract in the State goes to the Governor's family. We were informed of the fact that it was the State's First Lady that is actually supplying the diesel being used to power the street light on the street of Asaba the State capital.

Contracts as little as the provision of souvenirs for pilgrims from the State we gathered goes to the family members of the Governor, funny as it sounds, the supply of stationeries in the State is said to be issued to a member of Dr. Uduaghan's family, and it is based on this that residents and elders of the State formed the decision not to support the attempt to impose on the by the incumbent Governor.

The ruling PDP in the State is not having it easy the selecting their gubernatorial candidate for the coming general election compare to the time of James Ibori, the former Governor of the State who is still being celebrated in the State not minding the fact that he's serving terms in UK prison for fraud related offence.

It is only a matter of time to know if the Governor will be able to impose his choice on the people who want to be rid of his selfish and greedy attributes.

Breaking News: APC Confirm Akinwunmi Ambode as Governorship Candidate in Lagos Primary

Story reaching Society Gazette now is that the gubernatorial primary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Lagos, has just confimed the candidature of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode as the party candidate for the forth coming election.

Source at the primaries revealed that the result of the primary was rejected outrightly by other aspirants who are of the beleive that the result was influenced by the national leader of the party in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who had initially promised the aspirants that he will not interfere with the primaries.

The declared winner who was said to have arrived at the primary at around 1pm in company of the wife of the party leader, Senator Remi Tinubu, has always been mentioned as the favorite based on his relationship with Tinubu.

We will be feeding you more news on the primary as time goes on.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Synagogue Building Collapse Inquest Update: The Building Materials are of the Best Quality - SON

+ Magistrate Position Against Prophet Joshua Queried
Prophet T.B. Joshua

At the Friday November 21, 2014 sitting of the coroner’s inquest into the collapsed Synagogue, Church Of All Nations building, the court was told that the building materials used for the construction of the collapsed building were approved by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

This submission was made by the Director in charge of Inspectorate and Compliance at SON, Engineer Bede Obayi. According to him, iron rod samples taken for test at different laboratories showed that they were good and met the standard requirement. He raised reservations over the standard of the concrete debris, stating that the sample they took was slightly below the required density. However, he posited that the result could have been influenced by the pressure factor of the collapsed building, which makes it indeterminate in concluding if this contributed to the collapse.

Engineer Obayi also expressed surprise about the speed at which the building collapsed, fuelling speculations that the controlled demolition theory was indeed plausible. “Candidly, I am surprised at the rate and speed the building collapsed. It’s quite unusual and I believe it should be investigated. I also admit that the result of the test conducted on the debris is suspect. Due to the technicality involved, our investigation is inconclusive. I was not involved in the observation neither did I participate in the conduct of the test. I don’t even know any of the people saddled with the responsibility of conducting the test. We went for test in three labs and the final reports indicated that most of the materials used in the Synagogue building met our standard requirements. All the sources used were also approved SON sources.”

Meanwhile, members of the public and other interested parties attending the hearing have voiced out their reservations about the biased manner in which the magistrate seems to be handling proceedings at the inquest. Some of them who spoke to the media on conditions of anonymity complained of the magistrate’s partial disposition. They observed that he was always visibly harsh on witnesses who gave evidence which seemed to support the controlled demolition theory. Others said his disposition was suggestive of a calculated attempt by the state to persecute a particular party, stressing that the inquest has lost its integrity.

In another development, counsel to The SCOAN, Olalekan Ojo has filed an application challenging the jurisdiction of the magistrate for encroaching on matters beyond the scope of the inquest by inviting Prophet T.B. Joshua, who was not a witness to the incident. He said the primary scope of the inquest was to determine the cause of death and not pry into private matters that bear no consequence on it.
Rubbles of the colapsed building

On his part, the magistrate, Oyetade Komolafe granted the request of the counsel saying, “I am not against Prophet T.B. Joshua and Lagos State is not against him. I will respect the law and await the report or verdict of the High Court. Therefore, I will hands off the issue of inviting him as a witness for now till the outcome from the High Court.”

The hearing was adjourned to December 3, 2014.

Popular Gospel Artiste Tope Alabi, gets a New Name

Many things has been said about how a good name will work in favour of the bearer and this may be the reason this gospel musician, Evangelist Tope Alabi, has decided to come out with a new song titled "Oruko Tuntun" which means a New Name

According to the Lady Evangelist, the timing of the album release did not fall out of the normal way she's known for which is an album every 3 years and this is to allay the concern in some quarters as to her not coming out with any album since she released Alagbara and Agbelebu some 3 years back, which also coincide with her disagreement with late Prophet Ireti Ajanaku.

The latest album Oruko Tuntun, will be hitting the stands nationwide today the 1st of December, it will be marketed by Galaxy Music and this is meant to be a Christmas gift to her numerous fans and a message for them to get a better identity