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A Very Important Opposition Leader May Die Before 2015 Election - Dr. Chris Okarfor

The general overseer of Liberation city church worldwide Dr Chris Okafor has warned against what he called serious bloodshed as the nation prepared to transcend to another political calendar, speaking in a chat with the press, the oracle of God has he is fondly called said what God revealed to him is not palatable at all, but he said if Nigerians can cried to the lord with one voice, the looming disaster can be averted because God revealed to redeemed, Dr Chris Okafor also use the opportunity to talked on Liberation city 11th years anniversary, the liberation bible institutes, COWOM and the state of the nation, enjoy the chat...

Congratulations on your ministry 11th year’s anniversary, without doubt liberation city church is one of the church that most people around the world love to attend either through the weekly program or through the liberation television, tell us how have you been able to put the church across these standard so far?
By the grace of God as you can see, God has been faithful to the church and the church has gone really far the mandate give to us we are actualizing the mandate and we are moving forward and you know the something will continue to be until the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached through-out the world and to every creators. According to Mathew 24 vs 14,its reads that this gospel must be preached to every creator then the end will come, God has been faithful you can see a lots of expansion going on in the church, the church from the auditorium we have God has provided us with additional three plots of land, so with this we can provide a 20,000 seat capacity auditorium all these between last year and this year, God has been faithful this can only be said that the grace upon this commission and favour, it is not by our doing but God favour and we on our own we are actualizing it to fulfilled the mandate God given to us.
Sir let also look at the 1 billion souls mandate given to you by God to win a billion souls to the kingdom, how far, are you really getting there?
Oh as you can see we have everything on our side, and God is on our side, whatever God is not a man when God gives you an assignment he made provision for it, also devil can send you an errand, give you salt and the same time destroyed it, but when God sent is not like that, when God send you a mandate or a vision he gives you provision for it to carry out which is given to you and this can be nothing but God as you can see, we are moving from one place to the other, moving from one nation to the other, we are having city crusades nationwide crusade, the other day we are in south-Africa, UK, and about three weeks thereafter we just came back from Abidjan, where we have record breaking crusade about 80,000 people were in attendance, the Abidjan stadium was full to capacity, even people were outside the stadia for the program, the beauty of it is that over 18,000 people gave their life to Christ, it is awesome, yes the mandate is not something that can be actualized in a day but because we are on the right step we are following the path of success, we have all the secret to actualized this, God has been faithful, that is why thousands of people giving the life to Jesus on a daily basis, mighty miracles and confirmations of prophesies and the manifestation of God presences, so we are getting there.
The recent Abidjan crusade, can you tell us some of the major miracles that happen, the one god use you to perform that amazed you the more, even as God use you to do those wonders?
There are lots of miracles here and there, but the greatest miracle am proud of is that of multitudes of people that gave their life to Christ, the bible said what shall a man benefit to gain the whole world and losses the kingdom of God, and it is better to seek the kingdom of God first and every other things will be added, also other things that happen we saw a man that has been deaf for 17 years deaf and dumb, God open his ear and his tongue he stated talking immediately, we saw people that came on wheel chair but went back home walking, it was indeed harvest of miracles, mighty deliverance, creative deliverance, a lots of things happen the eyes of the blind opened, it is not miracle we can count, in fact it is too much its harvest of miracles because the presence of God was heavy.
You also visited the destitute home around Lagos, what actually inform these or it’s part of the mandate given to win a billion souls to the kingdom of God?
Yes, these is an outreach, a church beyond the wall, church beyond the four corner of a church we have the outreach wing of the church COWOM this cover visiting nations preaching the words of Jesus Christ, and you see Jesus did something the other day, the bible said after he has finish preaching to peoples, he said give them something to eat, remember Jesus said I can to you I was hungry you gave me something to eat, I was tasty you gave me water to drink, and someone asked how, he said when you have done it to my people, those that does not have (i.e) the less privileged you have done it to me, so it is part of our mandate to go to reach the less privilege in the society, in liberation city we have a lot of empowerment programme, skill acquisition programme where my foundation sponsor people give them money to start up business, also the foundation take care of the needy, we gives food items to the widows on a monthly basis, we even empowered some of the widows, so we now have to go out to destitute homes where we share them over 500 bags of rice, give them cash we do these in different places, as am talking to you now, we have another one coming up, we will be distributing a full lorry load rice to different destitute homes and giving out money this is our mandate and we can’t stop doing it
The liberation bible institutes graduated close to 100 students recently, can we say your actual dream of raising a standard qualify trained pastors have just been fulfilled or not?
Yes we thank God for that, as I talked to you now, lots of them has been graduated, they are even doing their industrial training or attachment now, any way you call it, some of them that have grown spiritually that have cut up with the anointing will be sent to branches of liberation city all over the world, so am proud that we have been able to raise a qualify anointed filled students to the world.

Some of the prophesies you gave early this year has come to pass, how do you feel when you hear people saying you are an accurate seer?
It is not for me to celebrates to God, because the bible says God time is the ultimate, God speaks and he speaks for a purpose and the bible says every secrecy belong to God, and that which he will reveal he reveal to his servant, and in the book of Amos, it said God does not do anything without revealing to his servant the prophet, everything that you see happen we have spoken about, God has revealed it ahead of time we have prophesy about it, the one he ask us to avert were averted, the one people in the place of power were supposed to do and which if they refuse to do we can’t be hold responsible, because when God speaks he warn, there are warning to everything he speaks, one thing is for people to listen to the warning, and also follow the instruction God has given, I remember there are lots of prophesy about the plane crash, military helicopter crash, also that 2014-2015 is going to be bloody and it has been like that, a lot of fire incident. It has been happening there are lot of prophesy if you go to our record of prophesy you will all see it there concerning nations and individuals that has come to pass, all this things happens, it is not by my making, this is what am born to do,
What is your take on the current crisis that is presently engulfing the nation bearing in mind that you gave a prophesy early this year on who is going to emerge the president of Nigerian come the 2015 general election?
Well you see God might have a very wonderful plan for someone,(i.e.) God might have an original for you, but it is now left for you who is the builder to work toward actualizing the plan but if you alter it, that is your own problem, yes God said his Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will be re-elected, yes God said that but he too have to work it out for it to be a reality and for it to come to past, one thing is that if God can tell you, that you will be a multi-billionaire and you go to your house and start sleeping you don’t do any work and you expect it to come to pass, you are automatically by you act altering the plan of God and you must not expect the prophesy to come to pass, it does not means that God is a liar, he has spoken but you have to work hard, that is why the bible says work hard, the state of the nation is not really good we need to be prayerful because, what I see that is about to happen is not good there is going to be more and more bloodshed and this thing needed to be tackled spiritually especially when it come to the issue of Boko Haram, the insurgency need to be tackled spiritually, it is not ordinary any more, that is why with all the military and different support, it seem the government is doing nothing because there is a spiritual angle to it, the religion leader need to come together and pray just as we have been doing in Liberation City, we have been praying and I know not too long if the government of the day get involved too, it will be a thing of the past, we gather here we pray according to God instruction, this war can only be won spiritually, we can change the situation, so concerning the state of the nation in 2015, Nigerians need to pray there is going to be more bloodshed as never before, except we do something to avert it, I repeat it can be averted also the opposition leaders should pray concerning some of their leaders, I see one of the major opposition leader dying before the general election they should pray for God to intervene and keep one of their major leader, we are praying for everybody because am not a politician, am only going to do what God ask me to do
What are your comments on the recent attack on Christendom, the can president ordeal and the Synagogue church building collapse, will this augur well for the body of Christ?
You see, you should understand that the church is the light, and attack on churches did not start today in the days of the apostle they kill James, john the Baptist was attacked, he was beheaded even in the days of Jesus, he was nailed to the cross all manner of things were said about him, so am surprised that people are surprised that the body of Christ is coming under attack, you know they must understand from the spiritual point of view, that this is a battle going on, the bible says we dwell in the flesh but we do not work be the flesh, that weapon of our warfare are not caner, we need to understand the spiritual working of those things that are going on is not an ordinary battle, but spiritual, as long as Satan is in operation Satan is a spirit he cannot die, he is working to and fro looking for who to devoid, one thing Satan will do is to discredit the church, which is the all slot against the church of God, talking about Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is a proving man of integrity a true man of God, whatever they like to say God is always with him, the falsehood cannot survive for a long time, this man is the father of Christianity in this nation, he is God anointed and a man of proving integrity I repeat, there is no way you expect a man that stand upright and no attack on him, also Prophet TB Joshua is also a man of God, though I have not met him, only on the screen but from all submission he has carefully fulfilled Gods command I think we need to join hand and pray for him, Satan is only trying but he will not succeed.

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