Thursday, 4 December 2014

Delta State Indigene Vow to Resist Greedy Governor Uduaghan's Imposition

The major problem facing the country as regards choosing people to represent them politically is godfatherism, the process where some selected few are determined to control the stranglehold on elected officials either because they finance their ambition or they use their political power to influence their election into office. This much is the crisis currently brewing in oil rich Delta State, where the incumbent Governor of the State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, is doing all in his best to replace himself with one of his own in Mr. Tony Oboh.

His decision we gathered irked some of the party leaders in the State who are eager to rid the State of anything that has to do with Uduaghan, who they described as greedy and selfish based on the way he has been managing the resources of the State for the past eight years.

The Governor was acused of turning Delta State to a family business, according to a source close to the party leaders, every contract in the State goes to the Governor's family. We were informed of the fact that it was the State's First Lady that is actually supplying the diesel being used to power the street light on the street of Asaba the State capital.

Contracts as little as the provision of souvenirs for pilgrims from the State we gathered goes to the family members of the Governor, funny as it sounds, the supply of stationeries in the State is said to be issued to a member of Dr. Uduaghan's family, and it is based on this that residents and elders of the State formed the decision not to support the attempt to impose on the by the incumbent Governor.

The ruling PDP in the State is not having it easy the selecting their gubernatorial candidate for the coming general election compare to the time of James Ibori, the former Governor of the State who is still being celebrated in the State not minding the fact that he's serving terms in UK prison for fraud related offence.

It is only a matter of time to know if the Governor will be able to impose his choice on the people who want to be rid of his selfish and greedy attributes.

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