Thursday, 11 December 2014

How Petroleum Minister Alyson Madueke’s Son is Using His Mother’s Position to Make Money from Favour Seekers

...Allegedly Charges $150,000 to Facilitate Meetings with the Mother

Corruption has been highlighted as the major cause of poverty in Nigeria. This has eaten too deep into the Nigeria system that the supposed common-wealth of the country is only been mismanaged by a greedy few. Mostly the government’s recklessness has also endanger the future of the country as those that are supposed to be the future has also been inducted into the reckless life style of their parents who has been pillaging the wealth of the most populous black nation.

Some years back during the agitation of the labour unions against the removal of fuel subsidy by the government, the whole country was shocked by the story of how Ugonna, the son of the Petroleum Minister Mrs. Allyson Madueke, has been living a life of affluence even when more than 90 per cent of Nigerians are wallowing in poverty. The pictures accompanying the story showed him at his reckless best holding wads of American dollar bills. Though, he came out to explain that the picture of display of wealth online then was at a fund raising function of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity University of Maryland Chapter. He said then that he was holding the money as a show of openness which was the culture of the fraternity.

Ugonna also explained further that he was forced at a very young age by his former military administrator father to always work for everything he needs. So, he’s entitled to live his dream after working hard. Though he refused to talk about the nature of his job, his explanation shows the job must be gratifying enough to justify the life of affluence he’s living.

Findings however revealed that his works may not be unconnected with the office of his mother. It was reliably gathered that Ugonna has for sometimes now been acting as facilitator of meetings between his Petroleum Minister mother and others that may have been looking for avenue to meet the Nigerian minister. It was also gathered that he has been working in connivance with a lawyer who is usually the first contact for anyone who want to set up meeting with the honorable minister. It is the lawyer who will first inform the contact of the mandatory $150,000 fee Ugonna collects. The money is said would be the only reason the young man will then be willing to talk to you.

Inside sources further revealed that, his method is to stroll into his mother’s office in company of his clients who he introduces to his mother as friends thereby softening the process for them before his doting mother. Further investigation shows he sometimes make the trip with as many as 3 clients a week while at other times, he may have just a handful of them a month. Averagely he’s said to be making nothing less than $150,000 per week which will definitely make him one of the highest paid in many European football clubs if he’s a footballer.

This informed the kind of works he said he’s doing which makes him so much money that he can throw around anyhow. Such work is that lucrative because of the current position of his mother as the Minister of Petroleum in one of the richest country in the world which on the contrary can also boast of the largest number of poor citizens.

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