Friday, 5 December 2014

Voodoo Allegation Trail Ogun PDP Guber Candidate Selection Process

...Party Leadership Accused of also Asking for N500million from Aspirants

The names of some literary works of Chinua Achebe can best be used to described the crisis that is currently rocking the quest of the opposing People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State about the crisis rocking their ambition to snatching power from the incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun of the All Progressive Congress (APC). In Achebe's words their quest to present the "Man of The People" seems to have been struck by the "Arrows of gods" a situation that sees "Things Falling Apart" as the people are "No Longer at Ease".

Report coming out of Ogun State, is that the greed to control whoever represent the party by three of the party leaders in the State has forced them to go the length any aspirant with credibility will not go. Sources within the party alleged that the issue within the party in the State over the governorship ticket is that some strong men in the party has been demanding that every aspirants in the State under the umbrella of the PDP should sware to an oath with the three of them that they will be loyal and to also sign a IOU to the tune of N500 million, before they can be given the ticket.

Some aspirants we gathered has been doing what was asked of them by these three men who are weilding so much power between the PDP in the State, one of the aspirant who is from the Yewa extract in the State we gathered has even gone as far as borowing N100 million from a man popular for lottery in the State out of which he has paid N50 million to these party leaders with a promise to pay the rest later.

This latest demand by the powers that be in the State has seen some of the aspirants refusing to put the State in pre-election debt and that it is contrary to their believe to take any sort of oath to enable them seek electoral position and that they will rather pull out, this action it was also revealed may cost the party any chance of ursurping the incumbent

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