Thursday, 8 January 2015

Nollywood Actress Bukola Awoyemi Finally Deliver Twin for Damola Olatunji

+ How the Two played their Betrayal on former Partners
…Reason they were not talking about the baby

Damola and wife Raliat
There is popular scripture that admonishes parents to teach their children the will of God so that when they grow up, the word will not depart from them, other also says they should teach their children so he or she will give them rest. However, opposite is the case for the parent of young and pretty dark-complexioned actress, Bukola Awoyemi, aka Arugba.

Award-winning Bukola, who hails from Kwara State, Eruku, to be precise, is a graduate of performing arts from University of Ilorin. And she became popular for the role she played in Tunde Kelani’s Mainframe production movie, “Arugba” where she played the role of a young girls who as a virgin volunteered to bear the Osun goddess calabash and for that role she won the Upcoming Actress of the Year award in 2012.

Her beauty also attract so many people to her and in a very short while she started building her fan base which begin rising owning to the fact that she’s not linked to any form of scandal until her decision to conceive for Damola Olatunji, an already married actor tarnished all her glowing attribute. The news now is that Bukola has just delivered twins for Damola a couple of days back.
Damola Kissing Bukola in Odale

The two had met on location of movie titled “Odale” which means betrayal a word that can best described what the two of them happens to be, and it was during this period that the two began their unholy alliance the result of which is the newly delivered boy and girl twin. Damola whose wife, is said to be based in the UK. Those in the know claim that at the inception of the immoral relationship Damola’s wife Raliat was informed of the budding relationship between Bukola Awoyemi and her husband but she dismissed it after her husband told her nothing was happening between them she however got the shocker of her life when she came home sometime for their anniversary and all her personal effects has been moved to the guest room.

Bukola in Arugba
It is to note that Bukola has shown her greed and betrayal immediately after she shot into limelight with Arugba when she decided to walk out of the relationship she had with one Gbenga Ajayi. Sources close to her revealed she was engaged to the Gbenga Ajayi, a medical doctor who had gone a long way to help her and her family financially before she shot to limelight, the new found fame we gathered had spurred her to callously inform a very shocked Gbenga that he’s now beneath her in the society and that she will be calling it quit with the relationship that is more than seven years at that time.

Sources revealed that her family and that of Damola have had a low-key introduction ceremony before she was delivered of the boy and girl twin on 3rd of January this year in far away United State of America. The way things will play out with the news of the latest addition to the Olatunji family, not forgetting he may be facing bigamy charges from the wife who is still legally married to him as there has been nothing on divorce between them.
Damola and Raliat during their wedding

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