Monday, 9 March 2015

Dr. Sid Abuse Father's Sister in UK Airport

...Turned Down Elder Brother's Advice to Apologise

Africans are known for their value for culture which they adhere to strictly, one of the most common norms in the Nigerian culture is the way they accord respect to elders it is seen as a sign of proper home training for any young man to respect those who are not even members of their imidiate or extended family. However, this moral stand of Africans seems to have fell off the radar of Sidney Onoriode Esiri popularly known as Dr Sid.

This member of the Mavin crew, according to an aunt, has allowed his fame and money to get into his head, as he now has little or no regard for elders in his family not to talk of those who fall into the same age bracket with him. The vet doctor turned musician, it was gathered has under the guise of a minor family squabble taken it upon himself to insult
his aunt, even in the presence of onlookers and his wife.

Source revealed that the show of shame took place sometimes late last year when Dr Sid encountered one his aunt in a UK airport, the source while narrating the event explained that he was the one that first greeted the aunt who after normal pleasantries quiped from the musician the reason he did not attend one of his cousin's wedding in the UK when he's also in the country, but for him to answer in polite way he's ordinarily expected to, he was said to have claimed that his extended family is only inviting him because they want him to come and sing. Shocked with his response, the aunt was said to have rubbished such notion citing that his fame should not mean he's no longer a member of the family?

The aunt was after that said to have jokingly asked the wife if she knew her and when the wife was said to have show no sign of comprehension, the aunt had introduced herself as her husband's late father sister, this the eye witness said did not generate any form of reponse from the wife, who was just looking on a thing Dr Sid was said to have tried to cover by telling the aunt that the marrying cousin should have personally informed him a thing the aunt also countered reminding him that she was the one that personally informed him of the wedding and she also told him he has changed from the young man that cherished the family to one that careless about them now.

The chit-chat the source suggested may have infuriated the Mavin signed musician, who later followed the aunt to the ticketing queue after the encounter to give her a piece of his mind. The confrontation opportunity presented itself when he was leaving the ticketing queue, when he was said to have turned and said to the aunt “ you belong to an asylum you F**king b**ch ”, his statement was said to have come as a shock to the aunt who also feel embarassed that a boy she raised could have grown to becoming a man like that, she was said to have immediately put a call through to his elder brother who stays in Mancherster, who also called Dr Sid asking him to go apologise to their aunt but he was said to have ignored his brother's advise, his mother was also said to have been informed by the aunt on the extent fame has hampered her son's moral, there is a saying that pride goes before the fall. This is with the hope that he will change his attitude in time before he joins the league of Nigerian musician whose career has gone down on such attitude.

- Story by Ola Matti

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