Tuesday, 28 April 2015

After His Failed Senatorial Ambition in Delta State: Gov. Uduaghan Begins Journey into Political Oblivion

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan

There is usually a time in man’s life when things will be quiet. Though such period is despised by the politician, it is certain such period must come in the life of every popular man. While some will fade away completely from mind, some will still come to mind from time to time, even when they are hardly again in the news because they have impacted the life of so many who owe their positions to them. Such is the way the people of Delta State are likely to relate to two of their prominent sons. One is the incumbent governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and the other is his predecessor, Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

For James OnanefeI bori, the immediate past governor of the state, who is currently serving jail term in a London prison for fraud- related offences against the people of the state, findings show he has successfully enshrined himself in the heart of the people of Delta State due to his philanthropic gestures and the number of those whose lives he has changed for good while he was the governor the state. And it is for this reason that they have been singing his praise even when he was serving term over financial crimes he allegedly committed against the state while he governed them almost eight years ago. However, such cannot be said about the incumbent governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, even while he is still serving as the governor of the state.

Investigation revealed that it is common knowledge that the residents and people of Delta State could not wait for him to leave office come May before he was cast into their unconscious memory. This much was revealed with their vote in the last Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries where the anointing of Uduaghan’s candidates for positions they were seeking turned to be a curse. The people voted against such candidates, including his choice in the governorship primaries. The decision also forced Uduaghan to drop his senatorial ambition.
Unlike Ibori, who made sure that the capable contractors in the state were awarded contracts, which in turn helped some of them make additional money, Uduaghan has been known to only issue contracts to members of his family. It was revealed to SG that the contract to negotiate with the airline company that would fly the pilgrims in the state was made by a member of his family. It is as bad to the level where it is his wife, the First Lady of the state, that is even supplying stationery that is used in the Governor’s Office, a situation that has seen the local contractors facing idleness for lack of works in the state.

There is however a new twist to things in the state as sources revealed the incumbent may decamp to an opposition party should the people follow through on their plan to push him into political oblivion as intended, knowing that his defection would give him a chance to relevance. Though there is nothing to suggest he will be defecting now, sources close to him say he is open to such opportunity to have another go at prominence.

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