Saturday, 25 July 2015

Amuwo Odofin Industrial Layout Company Owners Send SOS to LASG on Man-Made Disaster

Properties owner and those working in the companies around Capital Oil Tankers’ Park of Amuwo Odofin Industrial Layout, have sent a “Save Our Soul” message to Lagos State government over the illegal construction works going on in the area which is causing them all sort of damages.

The people who come together explained that the issue started when one Mr Orgi Umeh Tochukwu, purchase a portion of land that is design to be road according to the approved layout in the survey made available to journalists from land speculators generally referred to as “Omo Oniles”, as if that is not enough he decided to construct his structure in a way that it blocked the drainage, thereby forcing water back into the streetLagos Gov. Ambode.

His action which has seen the people of the area exposed to series of property damaging erosion especially during this raining season, was reported to the local council officials at the Amuwo Odofin Local Government who directed them to approach the Lagos State Ministry of Environment. After the issue has been reported several times in the ministry and nothing has been done about it, they decided to put it into writing after which they decided to inform the media.

According to Mr Dipo Odewunmi, one of the representatives of those whose business were exposed to the erosion the blockage cause, “we approached Mr Orgi to plead with him to allow the drainage run into the canal at the back of his newly acquired property, but he asked us to re-channel the water back towards the tanker park, not minding the fact that we invested tens of millions in the drainage.

The properties on the layout that Tochukwu’s construction has been exposing to series of erosion includes; Capital Oil, Impacto Nig Ltd, Ghalayini Nig Ltd, Chronotech Nig Ltd and Jocobod Nig Ltd. They are thereby calling on the relevant authorities to save them from the avoidable disaster that may cost them billions.

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