Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Guild of Soft Sell Publishers (GoSP) Berths

A new group of Soft Sell Publishers trading under the name GUILD OF SOFT SELL PUBLISHERS has berthed. The new group with initials (GoSP) is an assemblage of like mind publishers of soft sell magazines in Lagos. The group rose from a meeting that also served as the inauguration of their new association the Guild of Soft-Sell Publishers (GoSP) today Wednesday 19, 2015 at popular fun spot De Genesix Hotel Oke Ira Lagos.

In the meeting, the GoSP decries the dearth of investigative journalism in the industry, while pledging that the group would be committed to giving all affected parties fair chance to explain their sides to stories.
The members of the GoSP includes; Sahara Weekly Magazine, Urban Life Magazine, Islanders International Magazine, City Pride Magazine, Society Gazette Magazine, Beth News Magazine, The Society Nigeria, Blissful Affairs Magazine, Society Herald Magazine, Conquest Magazine.

Members of the group explained that the formation became necessary when they are not properly represented like other such organizations like Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN), and that the group is to monitor, control and educate its members on investigative reportage which is the bed rock of soft sell, while to also serve the people undilutedly and truthfully at all times.

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