Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pictures From The Beirut Wedding Extravaganza of Gov Ajimobi's Daughter

+ The Reason The Wedding Pictures Are Off Press

The Couple in front of their Cake
She was first mentioned in the media when she emerged with State Honours Award during her passing out parade at the NYSC with four other recipients. Her award was at that time queried in different quarters citing her parents influence.

She's at the moment enjoying media mention due to her wedding both the white and traditional that were all performed off the media preying eye. After her traditional wedding was successfully hidden from the media, all attempt to block the media from getting a whiff of the happenings was however thwarted when published the pictures of the pre-wedding party in far away Beirut, Lebanon, this was followed by that of the wedding proper.

The question making round is; why is Governor Ajimobi been too secretive about the whole wedding event? After all, it is always a thing of joy to give ones daughter away in marriage.  Sources close to the Governor however revealed that the need for the whole wedding to be kept off public radar was because of the 5 months salary being owed the Oyo State civil servants.

It is believed, that the secrecy became important because of the planned show of wealth the Governor has vowed to make of the wedding. This is because  Jibola is a child that has never attracted any form of scandal except the little one that has to do with the NYSC's award which can also be argued unlike her other siblings.

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