Monday, 23 November 2015

How Jumia Nigeria has been Maltreating Their Nigerian Staff

+ Real Reason Their Nigerian Staffs are Leaving En-mass 

Nigerians are being exposed to all sort of hardship in the form of work, it has over the years become norms for foreign employers to be treating their Nigerian staffs as if they are slaves, this has been going on now for sometimes and the governments seems unperturbed. It is based on the conviction of the government not doing anything that organisations like Jumia, an online based store owned by the Internet Rocket Group has been treating their staff in ways closely related to the slave trade era.

Investigation revealed that Jumia, which entered into the Nigerian market some 3 years ago has been treating their Nigerian Staffs with disdain, an example is their scheme whereby their packers are mandated to work for 12 hours on their feet with not break on the pretense that they may steal products.

Sources revealed that Jumia has been paying police heavily to subvert any form of hope to bring unionism into the company, as whoever they sees as championing anything relating to the workers joining labour union are dealt with first by getting such person arrested on flimsy allegation after which such person's appointment will be terminated.

There is even a new trend in Jumia, whereby staffs who decided they are no longer working for the company and are therefore going are forced to sign that they are sacked just to taint their records. Some of their former staffs who Spoke with Society Gazette revealed that refusal to sign the documents are met with a lot of aggression which also involves using the police to lock you up.

Another of the Jumia staff who will not want to be mentioned revealed that things are so bad with working with Jumia now as the company is also hacking into staffs email accounts just to know who is sending applications out to other companies, a situation that has seen them loose many of their staffs to their competitors. Their staffs now are living in the fear that the insecure approach of the company management may see some of them in the police net should they make any attempt at bettering their own life outside the company.

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