Monday, 29 February 2016

Jumia’s Modern Slave Camp in Nigeria

…How the management has been Maltreating their Nigerian Staff

Slavery is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as submission to a dominating influence. Though it has been about 150 years since slave trade was abolished, it is however a normal thing in some parts of the world for some people to stylishly position themselves in such a way that there is little difference between them and the slave masters of old. In a practice that can be said to be modern-day slavery, and it is mostly practised by governments, organisations and people who feel they are way above the common man. Recent investigation revealed a modern slavery may have emerged in Nigeria in Jumia Nigeria, if truly slavery means forcing people to doing things they otherwise wouldn’t have wanted to do.

It all started some months back, when on a visit to the Area G police headquarters, Ogba, Lagos, a staff of Jumia Nigeria was detained and locked up, even when the allegation against him lacked merit. The case involved a staffer, who was in the processing department, accused of collecting an IPhone 6 belonging to a merchant and absconding with it. But, whereas he was on afternoon shift and therefore was not permitted to enter into the premises before 1:15pm, when he will be resuming for work – to close by 9:30pm – the phone was missing by 9 a.m., a clear indication that the phone could not be traced in any way to him.

He was detained for days on the instruction of Jumia, which insisted  that he must write a statement accepting that he was responsible for the missing phone. While this was ongoing his salary was stopped on the pretext that it was being used to pay for the phone he was being forced to admit stealing. The way and manner of the whole case raised eyebrows and, on a closer look, it was discovered that his dilemma started when it was discovered by the management of Jumia that the staff in question had been sending out applications for positions in other organisations.
Juliet Amamah Jumia Nigeria MD

This principle of the company we traced to the not-too-attractive condition of service Jumia, a company owned by the Internet Rocket Media Group, France, put their staff. Information made available by some staff is that the working rules change from time to time, depending on the mood of the management. The sources stated that the company decided in the last two years not to confirm the appointments of staff, contrary to the agreement of a six-month probation period they signed. The management is also said to be very aggressive whenever they discover a staff is putting in applications to better their lot. Another incident is the case involving a staff whose mail box was hacked by the company, a situation that led to the management accusing the lady in question of selling company secrets to its competitor, after which she decided hand in her resignation. But even that was rejected and she was forced to sign for her letter of termination of employment, which was typed while she was held by the company security. She was further threatened that she would be locked up if she refused to sign for receipt of the termination-of-appointment letter.

The condition the company is said to subject its staff, especially those in processing, who have to stand for several hours with no break even when there is little or nothing to be done, is another cause for concern. Sources revealed that staffers stand for 10 hours, with no allowance for that. Further investigation also revealed that, in the case of missing items Jumia is quick to deduct such from the salary of the workers, but will never make refunds even when the items are later found.

As if the way they handle their staff is not bad enough, the manner in which they handle their merchants and customers is equally with disdain. Some of their merchants complained how the company also never follows signed agreements, as products damaged under the care of Jumia are not paid for by the company as signed in their agreement, thereby causing them series of losses. The company’s tepid attitude to its customers’ complaints is the reason customers now only pay after the goods delivered have been tested.

Efforts made to get the company’s side yielded little result, as the phone call and e-mail to the management was referred to Bertille Guitton, the Head of Communications and Public Relations of Jumia, who explained that staff are well treated. In her words: “We do not work 10 hours a day without sitting down or other assumptions. Jumia complies with every labour law put in place in this country as well as international standards, as we are an international company whose headquarters are based in Paris.

 “We pay Jumia staff the right amount that is stated in their contracts. Every single aspect of the contract that the employee has agreed to is respected. We created more than 2000 jobs in Nigeria in less than three years, and our employees adhere to our set of values, which is very high here. Whether you are a Managing Director or an operator, we expect everyone to have an exemplary behaviour at work, when meeting and dealing with clients, our shareholders, and evidently our vendors.’’ 

She concluded on a warning note: “We have a full-fledged legal service and we are compliant with every law in Nigeria.”

Friday, 26 February 2016

Ecobank Repositions for Improved Efficiency

Indications have emerged that the recent re-alignment that affected some senior staff at Ecobank Nigeria was in furtherance of a market repositioning exercise designed to strengthen the bank’s business across all markets where it operates.
Market feelers indicate that for a banking group that grossed over N315 billion in revenue and over N78billion in pre-tax profit in the third quarter of 2015, the Ecobank Group is on a growth trajectory. As at today, Ecobank remains one of Nigeria’s strongest financial institutions.
An industry analyst opined that the Bank appears to be putting more focus on cost efficiency and investment in key initiatives in its Transaction banking, Cards, and eBanking businesses, while also continuing to simplify its operations to better serve customers which will put the bank ahead of the competition.
Meanwhile, a source from within the bank says the recent restructuring came after a review of senior staff bench strength and industry standards. The source also revealed that it became necessary for the Bank to realign its work force for better efficiency in line with best practice.
Ecobank is said to have realigned certain roles bank wide and those who were affected by the exercise were adequately compensated.
The bank only recently promoted 300 staff, representing 10 per cent of the employees based on the bank’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence and exceptional performance. The promoted staff cut across all cadres of the workforce.  He added that the Bank has also commenced a selection process of converting qualified non-core staff to permanent staff, in line with the Bank’s commitment to develop and grow talent by providing them with career paths that give them access to higher responsibilities.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


The Nigerian academic landscape changed quietly a few years ago with the entrance of a new world-class player: City of Knowledge Academy. This international standard Secondary school which continues to produce outstanding students may indeed be one of the best-kept secrets in the Nigerian education sector today.
Did you know that last year, 13-year old Chimelum Tasi-Amadi, a year 9 student of City of Knowledge Academy (CKA Int’l), noiselessly set an academic record when he effortlessly achieved the perfect score in the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination? Today, the outstanding feat by Tasi-Amadi has earned him placement at Phillips Academy Exeter USA (a world renowned Prep School that prepares students almost exclusively for the IVY League Universities in the USA). Yet, before the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination feat, both Tasi-Amadi and CKA had dazzled keen watchers of educational terrain with award-winning performances at both the American Mathematical Competition and the Cowbell Mathematics Competition.
Between 2015 and 2016, CKA has presented eleven (11) students of age range 10 to 14 years for the Microsoft System Administration Certification examinations and they all passed with flying colours. Today, these 11 students have all been certified by Microsoft as Systems Administrators with proficiency in MS-Words 2010.
These success stories and several others- which have not yet been fully told - point to CKA as an outstanding addition to the nation’s academic landscape, providing invaluable opportunities in a safe and secure environment for the holistic development of the child. The school uses a unique approach to teaching and learning on the three Cs of CULTURE (Local and cultural training and exposure; social awareness, respect and empathy); CHARACTER (Integrity, focus, commitment, principles and conscience); CONFIDENCE (Knowledge, diligence, academic excellence and mind wealth).
Situated on well-appointed grounds within the leafy and serene suburbs of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria, CKA is easily accessible via the Ore-Benin Express way. The school’s location offers a serene and conducive learning environment away from the stressful atmosphere of city life. In recent times, CKA has become known as ‘the quiet achiever.
This is not surprising as the founder Mrs. Mosun Belo-Olusoga herself is indeed the quintessential quiet achiever, known for saying often “let’s just do an excellent job and our job will speak for us”.  She is a devoted mother, distinguished professional, consummate business leader and administrator. Her successful career history of over 30years has been devoted to mentoring and building people and institutions in diverse sectors.
Mrs. Belo-Olusoga is an Economics graduate of the University of Ibadan, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and an alumnus of Harvard Business School, USA. She sits on the board of several corporate institutions. She is passionate about knowledge sharing, personal and professional grooming and the quest to transform children into responsible, socially responsive and culturally balanced adults. City of Knowledge Academy is the vehicle for this vision.
To explore the City of Knowledge Academy (CKA) and get more information on this unique trail-blazing school where a new dimension to the educational landscape of Nigeria has been added, you can visit

Ecobank Announces Promotion of High Performing Staff

The management of Ecobank Nigeria Limited has announced the recent promotion of about 300 top performing staff. The promotion exercise which affected about 10 per cent of the employees is in line with the bank’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence and exceptional performance. The promoted staff cut across all cadres of the workforce.  Also few staff that performed below expectation have been exited.
In his statement announcing the promotion, Deputy Managing Director of the bank, Mr. Anthony Okpanachi said the bank is fully committed to rewarding excellence and will continue to take appropriate positive action in line with international best practice to sustain excellence in its work force. In his words “Our people are our precious assets who enable us maintain service quality standards, uphold customer satisfaction and enhance our brand experience”.
The affected staff were selected through an appraisal exercise conducted using an in-house developed performance management system which uses both financial and non-financial metrics to categorize staff.
According to Mr. Okpanachi the same Performance parameter used to determine the performance of those promoted, also revealed underperformance of the disengaged workers. He maintained that Ecobank is an institution where high professional culture and exceptional performance, innovativeness and professionalism are recognized & rewarded.
Ecobank Nigeria is part of the Ecobank Group represented in 36 African countries. The Group employs nearly 19,000 people from 40 different countries in over 1,200 branches and offices.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Jumia Management Worked Sick Staff to Death Weeks to His Wedding

Late Ola Sanusi
It is the prayer of every young man to get a good job after their time in the school, but the economic situation of things in the country has forced so many of the Nigerian graduates to opt for any kind of job available. One of such young men was Ola Sanusi, a staff of Jumia, one of the numerous online shopping companies in the country.

There has been so many incidents that shows how Jumia has been treating its Nigerian staffs like slave and it come to a climax on Monday 8th of February, when due to the slave driving mentality of the company sick Ola Sanusi was forced to work and in the process died while doing the core.

Sources within the company revealed to Society Gazette that Ola reported to work that day to take permission to take the day off so he can tend to himself, but his request to be allowed to go home was turned down by the management of the company, who is fond of harassing staffs that refuses their orders with police and for fear of harassment he resumed to his work in the badly ventilated and stuffy warehouse and the condition further tell on his health after which he slump and was declared dead when he was rushed to the hospital.
Juliet Amamah, Jumia Nig MD

Jumia has severally been mentioned in the news for the cruel way they are treating their staffs and how the company management has successfully barred the workers from joining or participating in any labour activity. Their treatment of their staffs has never been challenged and this according to the workers is the reason for their undeterred maltreatment they are regularly carrying out on those working for them.

Many of the workers who spoke to Society Gazette, explained that the deceased is a very hard working young man whose marriage is scheduled to take place next month. The company was also accused of showing no concern over the death of the young man as they returned from the hospital that day ordering the workers who just lost a colleague back to work or they suffer the consequences. This was said to have infuriate the workers who had shut down the company’s operations that day.

Activities of Jumia in relations to their staffs’ welfare has been a major concern for sometimes now as the company is said not to be remitting anything towards the pension of their staffs as stipulated by the government, while there is also no visible health insurance or facilities for the Nigerians working for them, thereby exposing those working for the company to unlimited risks.

Ola Sanusi, has since been buried according to the Muslim rite.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Multi-billion Naira Dubious Loan Deal That Pitched GTBank Against HiTV

... How due process was ignored in the N9billion messy deal that wasted customers' money
+ Bribery allegation trails the bank’s duplicity in the EPL right loss that sunk the company

Mr Segun Agbaje, GTB MD
In a past not too long ago, the banking industry in Nigeria witnessed a phase still referred to as the tsunami era, whereby banks that were thought to be doing well in the country were forced into extinction. It is at that period that the likes of Intercontinental Bank, Oceanic Bank and many others were forced out due to discrepancies in their lending pattern. While they were accused of not properly protecting their customers' money by the Sanusi Lamido-led Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN),  it is however surprising that GTBank was never tried for the same offence, considering the bank’s below-par conduct as regards the now-rested HiTV, a pay satellite TV owned by the Toyin Subair-led Entertainment Highway Ltd.

Unknown to many, the alleged shoddy and fraudulent deal involving the bank and the company, exposed to unimaginable risk the hapless Nigerians who put their hard-earned money in the care of the bank, due to the fact that no form of collateral was taken to safeguard the loan while signing the deal. According to a source within the bank, all they had as collateral was just the right of HiTV to beam the very lucrative English Premier League (EPL) for three consecutive years during that period. And that was why it was agreed that GTBank would be the official bank for HiTV, an announcement made amid pomp and pageantry.

It is not clear how, despite the arrangement that made GTBank the official bank of the satellite pay-TV company, HiTV was said to have defaulted on the payment of the loan after three years, a situation on which the bank was said to have based its dubious role in the right-loss scandal. HiTV’s loss of the EPL right was eventually responsible for its going under, after it was declared bankrupt, while GTBank also incurred a total loss in the region of N10 billion.

The bizarre part of the whole matter is the apparent absence of any effort by the GTBank towards recovering the loan it issued to HiTV. Findings show that instead of incurring such heavy loss, GTBank could have leveraged on the situation to its advantage. It is common knowledge that HiTV lost the EPL right to its closest rival, not because it did not have the highest bid – sources revealed that it had even made payment for the first year but needed a bank guaranty (BG) of its ability to pay for the subsequent years. It was on this that GTBank, after promising to issue the BG, withdrew at the 11th hour, leaving Toyin Subair and his team running helter-skelter for a BG. But by the time First Bank could issue HiTV a BG, about 12 hours later, the right had been ceded to Multichoice-owned DStv.

Mr Toyin Subair
A source lambasted GTBank’s decision to deny HiTV a BG as a carefully planned scheme to ruin the company; likening it to the biblical deceit story of Esau and Jacob story. While on the surface it looked like the bank was having its pound of HiTV flesh, for the company’s not following the payment agreement, a closer look revealed a picture of an entity that had something to lose should HiTV retain the right.

Buttressing this viewpoint, the source postulated that GTBank could have effectively leveraged on the situation to force the then-desperate leadership of HiTV into entering a new agreement whereby the bank would take absolute control of the company’s finances until it had finally recouped the loan, instead of the decision to incur loss, knowing full well that the company’s assets were inconsequential compared to the debt owed.

It was based on this, as well as the way other rights owned by HiTV – like the Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Europa Cup and other sporting rights – were handed over to DStv after the bank took over as the receiver-manager of HiTV, that set tongues about money allegedly exchanging hands behind the curtain.

Though the allegation cannot be substantiated, the entire matter leaves much to the imagination. Very puzzling is the fact that, even though the bank’s deal with HiTV clearly flouted best banking practices, and the amount involved can be said to have been astronomical, nobody was sanctioned for involvement in it. Quite a remarkably different outcome from a similar case of wrong investment involving the former Managing Director of First Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Benard Longe, who was forced out of office because of the botched $100 million IIL deal.

Effort to get GTBank to give its own side proved futile, as sms sent to Mr. Jide Sipe of the bank’s Corporate Affairs department was not answered as at the time of the magazine going to bed. Another staffer of the bank spoken to was either feigning ignorance or really did not have a lucid grasp of matters concerning the saga. 

The Wife of a Prominent Nigerian Will Die; I see a New Disease Coming up in Parts of Nigeria – Prophet Timothy Igbalajobi

Prophet Igbalajobi
The presiding Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Palace of Light and Salvation, and also the convener of the quarterly-organised “God of No Limit” prayer programme on Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Mountain in Efon-Alaaye, Ekiti State, Prophet Timothy Igbalajobi is a firebrand prophet who God is using mightily. He’s one of the few prophets that predicted rightly the outcome of the 2015 general elections, in the crossover service of 2015, at the auditorium of CAC New Covenant Assembly (NCA). Here are some of his predictions for 2016.

-          There will be an attempted assassination of the President but the plan will be foiled.
-          A very important person in the country will be sentenced to jail in February.
-          I see the wife of a prominent Nigerian dying also in February.
-          There is going to be a bomb blast very close to the presidential villa, Abuja.
-          There is going to be increase in fuel pump price, after which the secrets of some people will be exposed. People should not fight over the increase
-          Somebody working for the presidency will be assassinated due to mistaken identity
-          There year will witness series of strike actions

-          The latter months of this year will witness people enjoying plenty and comfort

Feron Lingerie Fashion Show 2016 (Valentine Edition) To Take Place 13th Feb.

Feron Lingerie Fashion Show is an annual runway Fashion show of the latest lingerie collection designed and produced by Nigerian Designer Feron Aaron.

This show which is the second edition will feature red carpet interviews, a runway showcase of over 50 sexy lingerie by 20 top beautiful Models (Feron Beauties), 30 minutes of classic love songs, comedy, music performance, dance drama and kissing competition by married couples.
The first edition of the show was held at the prestigious VVIP Lounge of THE PLACE by PAPAS Admiralty Way Lekki Phase1 on 14 February 2013, while the venue for the second edition will be announced later.

FERON Lingerie is a ready-to-wear brand of sexy lingerie designed for sleep, swim, and many more. The lingerie collection consists of Night gowns, bikinis, swimsuits, pants and bra.

It was discovered that the rate of divorce all over the world has more to do with the couple losing the bedroom spark and it was based on this that the second edition of Feron Lingerie Fashion Show is tagged the Art of Seduction. The event which is usually is a valentine's season event because of the strategic significance of lingerie to the celebration of love which is what the Valentine season is for, as the saying goes 'nothing says I love you like a sexy lingerie'.

This year’s show according to the organizer promises to be a glamorous and exciting event for media, celebrities, high end boutiques, and sponsors.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fraud Allegations Trails Adron Homes & Properties Promos

The popular saying that once bitten twice shy can be used to explain the reaction of some people to the Adron Homes Valentine Promo, the company headed by Dr. Oba Adetola Emmanuel Olaonipekun King had last year embark on a Promo tagged Lemon Friday 20/20 promo¸ which was fashioned after the Black Friday.

The Lemon Friday promo was run for about 3 months, and the promo is positioned to give 20 per cent on every land bought during the period and anybody who is able to make a down payment of 20 per cent automatically will get a bag of rice and one hamper, but information reaching us is that Adron Homes & Properties Limited may have played some of their customers during the promo period as they were denied the 20 per cent promised.

Meanwhile the company has embarked on a new promo where they claimed will be giving out 15 per cent to customers this valentine season whereas there are claims that some of their customers who make purchase during their last promo were not given chance to enjoy the 20 per cent promised.

With circumstances that are likened to fraud still trailing the last Lemon Friday Promo of the company, the new Adron Homes Valentine Promo may after all not be fair. It is to note that Adron Homes & Properties Limited is a real estate company with properties for sale at areas like; Ibeju-Lekki; Shimawa, behind Redeemed Camp;, Atan Ota; Shimawa among others.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ecobank Hands Over 3 Fraudulent Staff to Police for Prosecution over Forgery and Stealing From Customers’ Accounts

Charles Kie
Ecobank Nigeria has handed over to the police for prosecution three of its employees found to have stolen a total sum of N2.8 Million from customers’ accounts through forged signatures. The alleged offence was discovered by the Quality Assurance Unit of the bank during weekly reconciliation. Consequently, the three accused have already been charged to a Tinubu Magistrates’ Court on Lagos Island, Lagos State, on a three-count charge of conspiracy, forgery and stealing.
The prosecutor, Inspector Nurudeen Thomas, told the court that the accused persons - Oluwatoyin Adetunji (41), Oluwatosin Obademi (32) and Olushola Ogunshina (39) - were discovered in a routine inspection conducted by Ecobank Quality Assurance Department to have forged signatures of some customers and stolen N2.8 million from their accounts at the Iyana-Ipaja branch of the bank between July 10 and 14, 2015. The fraud was discovered a few days later.
Thomas who said Adetunji and Obademi were cashiers, while Ogunshina was an Information Technology personnel in the bank, averred that the bank called in the police to effect the arrest of the three.
According to the prosecutor, Obademi and Ogunshina in their confession statements claimed that Adetunji came to them with the deal and promised to pay them N350,000 each.
Thomas said that the offences contravene Sections 285, 361 and 409 of the Criminal Code of Lagos State, 2011.
The Chief Magistrate, K. B. Ayeye, granted the accused persons bail in the sum of N200,000 with two sureties each in like sum and adjourned the case to February 22 for hearing.