Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Jumia Management Worked Sick Staff to Death Weeks to His Wedding

Late Ola Sanusi
It is the prayer of every young man to get a good job after their time in the school, but the economic situation of things in the country has forced so many of the Nigerian graduates to opt for any kind of job available. One of such young men was Ola Sanusi, a staff of Jumia, one of the numerous online shopping companies in the country.

There has been so many incidents that shows how Jumia has been treating its Nigerian staffs like slave and it come to a climax on Monday 8th of February, when due to the slave driving mentality of the company sick Ola Sanusi was forced to work and in the process died while doing the core.

Sources within the company revealed to Society Gazette that Ola reported to work that day to take permission to take the day off so he can tend to himself, but his request to be allowed to go home was turned down by the management of the company, who is fond of harassing staffs that refuses their orders with police and for fear of harassment he resumed to his work in the badly ventilated and stuffy warehouse and the condition further tell on his health after which he slump and was declared dead when he was rushed to the hospital.
Juliet Amamah, Jumia Nig MD

Jumia has severally been mentioned in the news for the cruel way they are treating their staffs and how the company management has successfully barred the workers from joining or participating in any labour activity. Their treatment of their staffs has never been challenged and this according to the workers is the reason for their undeterred maltreatment they are regularly carrying out on those working for them.

Many of the workers who spoke to Society Gazette, explained that the deceased is a very hard working young man whose marriage is scheduled to take place next month. The company was also accused of showing no concern over the death of the young man as they returned from the hospital that day ordering the workers who just lost a colleague back to work or they suffer the consequences. This was said to have infuriate the workers who had shut down the company’s operations that day.

Activities of Jumia in relations to their staffs’ welfare has been a major concern for sometimes now as the company is said not to be remitting anything towards the pension of their staffs as stipulated by the government, while there is also no visible health insurance or facilities for the Nigerians working for them, thereby exposing those working for the company to unlimited risks.

Ola Sanusi, has since been buried according to the Muslim rite.

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