Thursday, 21 November 2013

How APC Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Wasted N300Milion on Hotel in 2 Months

Nigeria is generally referred to as a rich country of poorest people, surveys shows that an average Nigerian is living below $1 per day despite the fact tehat the country rakes in billions of dollars on daily basis. Research shows that the wealth of the country is in the hands of few that are less than 5 per cent of the population, while the above 95 per cent are either working for the rich few or eating crumbs from their table, among the less than 5 per cent that are controlling the wealth of the country is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the former Governor of Lagos State who is also one of the national leader of the newly formed All Progressive Congress (APC). Recently when the news that he traveled out of the country on medical basis filtered in little did the people know that the man popularly called Asiwaju by his political associate, is in Chicago in United States of America where he's busy enjoying the wealth he has amassed while in government and after. It was reliably gathered that the former Governor who owns a house in Chicago instead of staying in his house decided to lodge in the upscale hotel of billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump. The Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, investigation revealed goes for as much as $500 per night sleeping only, note the amount is said to be excluding food, drinks and other services. Information has it that the man popularly called Asiwaju, who stayed in the hotel for more than one month expended a whooping $2 million to the admiration of the hotel billionaire owner who asked the Nigerian politician to come again some other time. This is happening at a time where poverty in the country is fast spreading a situation that has seen so many family scattered when they cannot afford to pay N100,000 house rent, whereas those that present themselves as their leaders can afford to waste such an amount on hotel.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

First Bank of Nigeria For Thieves

...Become Bank for fraudulent government officials + How who to succeed Onasanya polarize the bank
With various signs and information that the Economy and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as well as its Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) counterparts and other agencies like that in Nigeria has mandated all banks in the country to place in their banks to warn the people against corrupt practices in the banking industry, it is however very sad that some banks still manage to get themselves involved in such an undisciplined act. Though First Bank has been known to be one of the oldest banks, and probably the most reliable in Nigeria, recently they have been involved in various forms of scandal, especially by helping corrupt public officials to steal from the public, forgetting about the good name that the bank is reputed for and thereby ruining the good name and bringing disrepute to the banking industry by their role in helping others to plunder the wealth of the country. If it would be recollected the bank was at the fore front when the Senate Joint Committee on Establishment and Public Service and States and Local Governments, was informed how some officials of the Pension Office falsified documents to withdraw N24 billion instead of N3.5billion required and approved from the Budget Office for the payment of pensions, where N21 billion of the stolen money was lodged in a First Bank account. Recently the bank played another major role in another money laundering activity of another public officer as it was First Bank that again finance the buying of bullet proof cars purportedly acquired by the Aviation Minister for a whooping sum of N255 million that is currently generating heat in the country. First Bank name had surfaced during the hearing of the Federal House of Representative into the car acquisition, the bank it was gathered has over the time become a regular name when it comes to issues that has to do with public officers mis-handling public funds as it was also mentioned in a court case in a Bayelsa State High Court sitting in Yenagoa, where the court , granted an interim order stopping further deduction of N300million monthly from Bayelsa State Account based on the Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) signed between the administration of former Governor Timipre Sylva and the SNECOU Group of Companies Limited over undisclosed services rendered since 2007 a findings that shows fraudulent activities. In another development, it was gathered that the bank is embroiled in internal crisis which was due to the fact that the bank's current Managing Director Mr. Bisi Onasanya's tenure will soon come to end a situation which was allegedly responsible for the decision of former Lagos State Commissioner For Finance Mr. Tokunbo Abiru to resign his position in the cabinet to Governor Fashola to take up the position of Executive Director and a Board Member of the Bank. This development we gathered did not go down well with other Executive Directors of the bank had been working while Abiru was playing politics, sources however revealed that the former commissioner was favoured by the board of the bank whose were responsible for his decision to return to the fold of the bank after his time in the cabinet of Lagos State where he served as the Commissioner of Finance.

How DHL Staffs Has been working With Customs To Defraud Nigerians

It is common knowledge that the bane of economic decadence in Nigeria is corruption and despite the things put in place by the government to fight this monster it is however becoming more pronounced every day. It has even finds its way into some organization that are otherwise known to be holding their value and example which is the leading courier service company the DHL.  

It was recently gathered that the international courier company has turned to haven where fraud is being perpetrated against its customers. It was reliably gathered that the DHL staffs now go out of their way by charge their customers what they ordinarily call duty. The duty according to the source is an amount you must pay before your package is released to you.

Investigation revealed that the DHL staffs are fond of giving outrageous bills to customers that approach them for information about goods sent through their company, an example is one Samuel who imported some goods which was manufactured for an amount less than N60,000 only to be given a payable duty of almost N110,000 and this is after he had paid for freighting the goods to Nigeria from china where the goods were manufactured. Whereas the duty according to officials of the courier company who issued it is to be paid to the customs and in the process directs the customer to the officials of the Nigerian Customs Service that are also in the premises of the company.  

The trick now is that the customs in the place who knew the charges are out of it and is unthinkable will then asked whoever is directed to them to pay halve the money but that it must be brought in cash against the fact that such duties are supposed to be paid into the bank after which the goods will then be released based only on phone call of the customs official, while the DHL staff that brought the business will later be paid.  

We can authoritatively say that this practice has been going on for more than two years now and this we gathered has ensure that many prospective Nigerian young business had been killed just because of this act of fraud, according to Mr. Olatunji who was forced to run his business at a loss sometimes last year when he received an order to supply some materials under a time frame and after he had make his findings on shipment and the rest he realized that he will still have little profit on the supply if he decided to use the DHL for moving it based on the price given to him on the goods, and it was completely a different story when after he had paid to have the goods brought to Nigeria and these corrupt organization to ask him to pay a duty that was calculated by adding the cost price of the goods to the cost of freighting it plus the insurance. The result is that the young business was killed because the owner had to borrow money to make the supply.  

However, the courier company claimed duty is only to be paid on goods that the bill of laden indicated are purchased for more than $500, while it was revealed that such duty has been paid on goods that the bill of laden show it was purchased for an amount that is lesser than $500 as they add other costs as stated above onto it for it to really accumulate, while many had abandoned their goods their when asked to pay more than the amount the goods were purchased and moved into the country, others had paid cash to these unscrupulous officials without receipt to have their goods released.