Monday, 18 August 2014

Daniella Steps Into Academy As Kofo Bids farewell

Ever heard of the saying "When opportunity knocks, don't let fear hold you back but open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth". This was the case of pretty Daniella.
Having yielded the Wild Card call, Danniella and two other contestants with highest votes were faced with the task of battling their way into the Academy. Temitope, Daniella and Harry again sang their hearts out to gain favour in the sight of the judges. At the end of these performances, the judges gave Daniella Oji the golden entry into the Academy
because of her smooth cover of Alicia Keys' 'Falling'.‎
As Daniella celebrated her entry into the Academy, Ogechukwu, Kofo, Christian and Laami had to walk the lonely path of probation; being contestants with the least votes. This time, they sang as though their lives depended on it. As expected, they repeated the songs that landed them on probation.
Looking back at how the evening started, all the contestants came confidently on stage, looking glam in their different outfits and together they did justice to their medley - 'Ahomka womu' by V.I.P, '1er gaou' by Magic System and 'Imagine that' by Styl Plus. These got them the loudest ovation yet this season as the audience jumped on their feet dancing and cheering them. The smiles on the faces of the Faculty members was profound, one could totally feel the joy that radiates in the heart of a teacher whose students have made proud.
Coming to the critical part of the show, while Christian found grace in the face of the Judges, the Faculty rescued Ogechukwu, and Laami escaped elimination from the votes from majority of the contestants not on probation; leaving Kofo to face the harsh reality –eviction.
Goodbye always makes the heart heavy, however Kofo was quick to pull herself together and with smiles on her face she signed out of the competition with 'Yori Yori' by Bracket.
The following evening had every element of a great show, from the colourful costumes, to the energetic dancers, down to the outstanding vocal prowess of the contestants; the evening is indeed an unforgettable one.  We would also be quick to remember the joy of watching two Project Fame alumni; Immaculate (Season 6) and Oyinkansade (5) grace the stage again.
Immaculate and Oyinkansade opened the show doing a cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' after which they each seamlessly flowed into their individual performances with Oyinkansade singing his hit song 'Adura' (Prayer) and Immaculate singing her song 'Go Go Baby', both to the delight of the excited audience.
Afterwards, the contestants stepped on stage after the other thrilling the audience with various songs across West Africa from the Urban Hip Life genre. They got stellar comments from the Judges and Faculty members; they were vividly impressed with most of their growth. In the end, although the judges were asked to name their best three performances for the night, they said they were impressed with not three but six performances; Emeka, Shola, Christian, Geoffrey, Clement, and Daniella who made her debut appearance as Project Fame 7.0 contestant.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

David Bids Farewell To MTN Project Fame Academy

What seemed like the happiest thing that could happen to anyone suddenly became short-lived for David as he bowed out of the MTN Project Fame competition last weekend. After performing the same songs that landed them on probation last weekend, Clement, Shola, Emeka and David upped their game this time.

Apart from the tension-gripped atmosphere of who exactly would be first to leave the competition, other contestants not on probation did a beautiful medley of Whitney Houston's hit tracks; paying tribute to the legend.

Well, the moment of truth came and it was delightful to see that the whole of Ghana stood up for their compatriot. Clement was saved as he got the highest number of votes from viewers. The Faculty in turn saved Shola, leaving David and Emeka's fate in the hands of their fellow contestants. David had just three votes while Emeka got a second chance into the Academy with eight votes.

Giving a beautiful twist to the show, Tolu of season 3 rocked the stage with a brilliant performance and once again proved to all that not winning does not ruin your chances of being an exceptional super star.

In an emotion laden ambiance, David bid the competition farewell with Bruno Mars' 'Lazy Song. With this new development, it is obvious the competition has shifted gears and the contestants would be more than ever before, willing to put their best 'foot' forward. The second nomination show was tagged 'A Night of Pop, Urban, and Rock tunes'.

It was clear that something had changed in the contestants, seemed they suddenly became aware of the competition in the wake of previous night's elimination where David bid them goodbye. As pop, urban and rock tunes was the order of the night, the contestants came on stage with more energy and an attitude that showed they dreaded being put on probation.

History again repeated itself as the Faculty and judges were at loggerheads over whether or not Lasbrey's performance was impressive. Just like the previous week, Tee Y mix's comment about his performance insinuated that it was not impressive, but Ms. Ige countered it by saying it had the entire necessary element it should have. Lasbrey performed Craig David's 7 Days at the second nomination show. Ade Bantu buttressed TY Mix's assertion saying the performance was simply below average which, Ms. Ige was quick to disagree.

Sadly, 14 contestants instead of 15 contestants gave their best for the night. This was due to an injury Clement sustained earlier on during rehearsals.

The fact remains that it is still a competition, and although all the performances were good, some were still not 100% and so 5 people were put on probation.


Monday, 4 August 2014

APC is a Drowning Party, That Now Employs Propaganda to Woo Voters in Osun - Prince Diran Odeyemi

The political situation in the State of the Living Spring as Osun State is called is gradually getting to its climax and as expected there has been a lot of accusation and counter accusation about virtually everything that has to do with the opposition candidate and even the party, and the attacks seems more between two of the contesting parties which are the All Progressive Congress (APC), which is the party the incumbent Governor of the State Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which is being represented in the election by Senator Iyiola Omisore.

For some months now the two has been throwing tantrum at themselves with the intention of dragging the name and ambition of one another in the mud, recently there is a story that Senator Omisore’s popularity is only limited to his home town in Ife, with a word that Ife indigenes are being forced to take oath of allegiance to the ambition of the onetime Deputy Governor of the State, all these were denied by Prince Diran Odeyemi, a chieftain of the PDP in the State and the  Director Media and Strategy of Senator Iyiola Omisore campaign organization who we called to confirm.

The Ibokun Prince who laughed at the allegation explained that it is part of the many propaganda tactics of the APC, the party he described as the drowning party, in his words “the false story is definitely their ways and mark my words it is definitely not going to be the last, they will still be coming out with more before the election, but the people should wait till August 9, to know who is more popular”. He also explained that the propaganda that people has been reading about the PDP candidate in the State is just the result of the popularity of the party’s candidate which is now causing problems in the camp of the ruling APC.

It is note that in the past not too far, precisely at the inception of the current democratic dispensation, Ogbeni Aregbesola and Senator Omisore had at a time both campaign on the same side, until the issue betrayal set in to divide them a situation that now sees them fighting on opposite sides. 

With the recent visit of the President which has been attracting scathing remarks by the APC, who are of the believe that his visit to the State is not a success as the PDP would have said it is and that the crowd present did not really represent the acceptance of the PDP in the State but that they were signs of desperate approach which forced the party into renting crowd for the rally. The statement which was rubbished by the party who said there is no truth in all the story they are peddling round about Senator Omisore, who have never has any need to pay people or lure people to his campaign rallies since the start of electioneering campaign in the State but that rather it was the APC that has been employing the use of rented crowd and that there is no reason for the PDP to do so as the people of the State who are fed up of the APC led government tyrany in Osun State has been coming out enmasse to welcome Senator Omisore.

With the elections billed to come up in few days’ time, it will be right to say it is a matter of time for the people of Osun State to show through their votes who they really want to govern them for the next four years and like Prince Odeyemi said “we should wait till August 9, to know who is more popular”.