Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Another Incorruptible Judge on the Prowl

Fraud Allegation Trails Ogun State Magistrate, Bello
…Accused of Collecting Money to give favourable judgments
CJN Justice Aloma-Mukhtar

Judicial recklessness has been a thing the Nigeria community has been frowning on since inception, this much is evident in the play as adapted from the Incorruptible Judge, a book written by D. Olu Olagoke, as the play talked explicitly about corruption in the society and the damage such practices is doing to the image of the judiciary.

This seems to have little or no effect on the way of life of some of the people in this revered judiciary profession, information reaching us was that a Magistrate in the Ogun State judiciary attached to Otta Magistrate court, one Mrs. Bello has been behaving like the Agbalowoomeeri of the D. Olu Olagoke’s Incorruptible Judge play, the magistrate was alleged to have been popular for collecting money from some people to deliver favourable judgment on series of civil cases brought before her.

Recently, she was said to have shun common sense in her handling of the case involving one Mr. Nurudeen Ibrahim and his landlord Mr. Julius Fatoki. The case which was filed before her case by the landlord is to pray the court to help the landlord quit his tenant Mr. Ibrahim of the flat somewhere around Akute axis of the State on allegation that the tenant is not greeting the landlord not minding the fact that the rent paid by the tenant has not been exhausted.

Ogun CJ Justice Olopade
And in a fashion that has all the trappings of Nollywood, a judgment was obtained with the assistance of one Mr. Amoo, who acted as the lawyer to the landlord, without the supposed defense even knowing anything about the court process, it however became known when the landlord and some court officials were to carry out the illegally obtained judgment a situation that sees them pushing out Mr. Ibrahim’s wife who is nursing about a 2 months old baby into the rain, knowing well that the husband is at that time in his place of work.

Incidents like this sources said is a common occurrence in the court, we were informed that on several occasions most cases has been heard in the court with imposters standing as the defendants just to give chance to perpetrate their evil plan, having at the back of their mind that such illegality can be enforced provided the hearing of the case has been recorded in the court register, the case of Mr. Ibrahim is such that not even the judgment was pasted on the premises of the house thereby making it impossible for the tenants to know anything of such is going on and the motivation for such act has been discovered to have to do with the landlord creating a chance to rent the apartment out for others while still holding onto the money paid by the one they are planning to evict.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Unbelievable! Years After Conversion, Ebenezer Obey Backslide?

...Remove Evangelist From His Name Revert Back To Chief Commander

 This is without doubt a scene for the Nigerian movie industry, the Nollywood, or how easy is it to describe the decision of this supposed evangelist who had claimed he's really called by God to turn back to his former way, how could one describe the fact that our own juju musician turned pastor, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi, has fully returned back to his former ways.

Sources revealed that the man whose church is somewhere around Oyewole road, Agege, would have had enough after about 20 years in the vine-yard as church ministry is being called. It is to note that the man who had stayed off shows for sometimes had decided to returned to reopening his office to shows of any kind when it is obvious the church is not bringing money as expected. His return to circular music and the money that accompanied it must have been very encouraging, informing the situation that sees him returning back to his old ways.

Investigation revealed that the shows which has been coming, may have further embolden him to removing the Evangelist in front of his name only to replace it with the former Chief Commander. This much was revealed on the jacket of the new albums he's been producing for notable Nigerians in the last couple of years now.

It would be recollected that the music legend had sometimes back bought the Afrodisia studio with the money paid to him by, Dr Mike Adenuga led Globacom company for the evergreen series of the company, which invariably means he did not have to pay for studio sessions. This may have been the reason he has been churning out albums in the name of different people in the society for financial gains, and it is suggested his fraternity with these people may be responsible for his decision to revert back to his old name, which now features on the jackets of his new song.

 With the careless abandonment with which he now flaunts the Chief Commander title against his now popular Evangelist title shows there is either an error somewhere or that the General Overseer of the Decros Gospel Mission may have backslided. It is only a matter of time before the real new identity of

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dr Chris Okafor Takes Evangelism to the Less Privileged, As Liberation City Graduates Pioneer Students

The Senior Pastor of Liberation City Church, Dr Chris Okafor together with Member of Chris Okafor World Outreach storms the destitute home in Oyingbo Area of Lagos State  to give Succor to the less privileged through evangelism, Has he also share food items, Household Materials and financial assistant to cater for some of their Health needs, Preaching the Word of God to people, Dr Chris okafor said one of the way to win soul to the kingdom of God is to go out there and minister to the people irrespective of their status either rich or poor, the oracle of God said, he is fulfilled seeing the less privileged given their life to Christ despite their conditions, Meanwhile the liberation city church has graduated over 100 students from its bible institutes, the students who undergo a six months intensive bible coaching course to enable them prepare for their callings in the vineyard of God, while giving the graduates words of advises and there certificates, the Patron of Liberation Bible institute, Dr Chris Okafor challenges the student to be focus in their endeavor because whoever is ready to serve God must do that will all it has. he said the institutes has create a road map for them through the training but it is now left for them to realize their dream, he also challenged them to be a good ambassador of liberation bible institutes wherever they find themselves, it will be recalled that Dr Chris okafor remain one of the men of God in the country that is known for accurate prophesy and know how to teach the word of God in the best way that will be best understood by all,  The oracle of God has he is fondly called as at the time of publishing this story is in south Africa, Spreading the gospel as part of the mandate to win 1billion soul to the kingdom of God, While reacting to the circulated negative stories on  the man of God ,His publicist, Sunday Adeyemi said the  story is completely falsehood, it is an attempt to pull the reputation of the man of God down which he said is not possible, he is a man of dignity, respect his family and committed to the assignment given to him by God, Sunday Adeyemi enjoy all Liberation City Media Friends to please confirm stories before it is published because it is more damaging to write falsehood about a true anointed man of God